How To Remove Dyson Hair Dryer Attachments? 5 Best Methods!

Are you wondering how to remove Dyson hair dryer attachments? It depends on the type of attachment, whether you twist or pull it. No doubt we have several hairdryers today. They all work in their unique ways to give a specific style for which they are designed. But the Dyson supersonic hair dryer comes with different attachments, but its users usually ask how you can remove it.

The reason behind Dyson’s specialty is that it gives salon-style hair finish at home. Its attachments make it fantastic, excellent, and unique. It can attach five attachments, nozzle, flyaway, concentrator, wide-tooth comb, diffuser, gentle air attachment, and the presentation case. These attachments are perfectly designed to suit all hair types.

how to remove Dyson hair dryer attachments

The Dyson hairdryer works faster without damaging the hair’s quality. All of its attachments together make hair super shiny, sleek, and frizz-free. As Dyson’s company is upgrading their products with the need of an hour, their latest attachments are doing wonders. But to get 100% results, a person needs to know everything about these attachments. They must know how to tackle them, for instance, removing, adjusting, and cleaning them.


Methods For Removing Attachments From The Dyson Hair Dryer

Follow the steps below to know how to remove Dyson hair dryer attachments.


#1. Concentrator

As the name shows, a concentrator is designed to concentrate only a specific section of hair. A high-velocity air blade does it. Air is released in the form of a laser. 


Method of removing:

Removing the concentrator from the Dyson is relatively easy. We have to pull the nozzle in a downward position to release it. In the case of other dryers here, we will flip it out. It is a smoothing nozzle as it smoothes hair to 70%. It gives the most delicate finish to our hair as it removes frizziness. Removing the nozzle from this dryer is quite simple. It needs just a pull. Nozzle’s diameter is made according to the dryer’s vent so that it won’t break anything. Also, there is no lock-in, so it is just a matter of pull and push.


#2. Gentle air attachment

Gentle air attachment is made for fine light hairs and sensitive scalps. So soft air attachment gives them a smooth airflow as it diffuses. Providing a cool and gentle airflow, it dries hair faster. Read more about gentle air attachments.


Method of removing:

Like the above attachment, adjusting the gentle air attachment is also a piece of cake. It is made so that it becomes fixed with the Dyson and doesn’t move even with the forceful pulling. Remove it by just twisting it and taking it back.


#3. Wide-tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb is specially designed for curly hairs as it gives them a long smooth finish. Its strong teeth provide a volume and shape to the curly hairs. It is Two in one. We don’t need to use both hairdryers and brushes at once.


Method of removing:

Fitting and removing the wide-tooth comb is quite simple. Here all you have to do is adjust the tooth comb’s back into the dryer’s hole. That is why using Dyson’s attachments is interesting. So now we will pull the tooth comb from the Dyson after it’s done.


#4. Flyaway attachment

As the name shows, flyaways attachment is made to hide flyaways with airflow. It gives a perfect professional look to our hair. It gives Coanda an effect by providing a smooth texture. Flyaway is best for use on long hair. Temperature settings for flyaways depend on the quality of hair. Use low settings on more refined and high on thicker hair.


Method of removing:

You can easily adjust the flyaway attachment in the hole of the Dyson hairdryer. But taking it out can be pretty dangerous if you don’t handle it with care as we keep using the attachment for some time, so it gets too hot to touch. Once you are done styling with it, don’t rush quickly to remove it without noticing it is hot. It is advised to take out the flyaway attachment by holding through its edges. Corners are more relaxed and easy to carry and pull.


#5. Diffuser

The diffuser is used with the Dyson air wrap to disperse the curls gently. With the help of these longer prongs, we can style hairs by making air reach deep in hair. It saves time because we can use more hair simultaneously, working efficiently and effectively. You may want to know how to use a hair dryer diffuser


Method of removing:

Although the diffuser is secure, it also needs a slight pull to take it out from the dryer. Secondly, avoid pushing the dryer down too far to be cautious. It slips off with just a gentle tug. Diffusers are designed in such a way to fit in any dryer because of their open and closed twisting characteristics. So again, we have to twist the diffuser’s back and hold the front of the diffuser unmoved.


It’s A Wrap!

It is not wrong to say that the Dyson hairdryer is an all-rounder. It works wonders for all hair types with its unmatchable latest technology. Its attachments are easy to adjust. The guidelines above solve all of how to remove Dyson hair dryer attachments. So now it has been proved that it is not only efficient but convenient also. It’s a good idea to read about how to choose hair dryer.

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