How To Remove Diffuser From Revlon Hair Dryer? Know Its 5 Best Features Too!

Do you want to know how to remove diffuser from Revlon hair dryer because it seems complicated to pull out? Removing the diffuser from your favorite Revlon hairdryer is not difficult at all. You have to apply force in the right way to pull it out of the dryer. 

Many beautiful people are facing trouble while removing the diffuser in the Revlon Salon Infra-Red hairdryer. Diffuser requires a prominent place to put on, and we all want to keep it separate from the dryer. 

how to remove diffuser from Revlon hair dryer

So, what is an infrared hairdryer? An infrared hair dryer uses less electricity and saves energy as a result. This technology causes the dryer to blow the hot air that penetrates inside out the hair cuticle and scalp. Cells of our hair and scalp get tremendous growth after having contact with the hot air coming inside an infrared hairdryer. Hair growth and reduced hair damage are the main after-effects of blow-drying with an infrared hairdryer. Also, the high heat produced takes less time to dry the hair than a normal hairdryer. 


How To Remove Diffuser From A Revlon Hair Dryer?

You have noticed that attaching the diffuser is super easy and does not require any tip or trick. But, when you are done with the drying, try to remove it. You have to put in a lot of force. You also fear the breakage of a plastic diffuser. Then, you find this article, and we assure you that you are at the right place. We will tell the exact answer of how to remove diffuser from Revlon hair dryer. 

Once you are done blow-drying your hair, unplug the dryer immediately to avoid the fear of shock or electrical shortage. Then, hold the dryer from its mouth from where the diffuser is attached. Next, hold the diffuser from the other hand and rotate it. For example, try turning in a clockwise direction and then pop it out. 

If moving in a clockwise direction does not work, try to move in the opposite direction. Then pop it out with a jerk. Make sure that you are holding both the dryer and diffuser tightly. If the grip of your hand is loose, the dryer will probably fall on the floor when you remove the diffuser with a jerk. Falling on the floor can cause breakage and malfunctioning of the dryer.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Try using the clockwise and counterclockwise directions until you cannot remove the diffuser. Any directions do not matter because a snap-lock holds the diffuser.
  • Once you have successfully removed the diffuser, be careful while attaching it with the dryer. Don’t try to attach it with full force as it does not come out quickly. Who knows better than we do!


Features Of A Revlon Salon Infra-Red Hair Dryer

Suppose you think that Revlon is not a good choice because of the difficulty you face while removing the diffuser. Read the core features of this dryer. And, then the decision will be in your own hands. 


#1. Attachments

Revlon infra-red blow dryer comes with two excellent attachments. One is a smoothing concentrator, and the other is, of course, a volumizing diffuser. The smoothing concentrator makes the drying process of your straight hair fast and easy. On the other hand, a diffuser is best for curly hair girls. Alongside attachments, the Revlon hair dryer comes with a pack of three large-size hair clips to section your hair while blow-drying. This shows that Revlon cares for its customers and tries to provide them with every possible convenience. Here’s how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


#2. Cord

The infra-red dryer comes with a cable of almost five and a half inches in length. This length makes it convenient to hold the dryer and move it along our heads. This size is suitable for all girls and boys, no matter the length of their hair. 


#3. Plug 

A plastic plug cover comes with the Revlon Salon Infra-Red hairdryer. This cover protects the plug from getting wet as we all place a dryer in a bathroom. And, the bathroom is all about moist and damp towels and sink. The cord also has a loop that helps hang the dryer and save space.


#4. Price 

You must have a budget of 17 to 24 dollars to purchase the Revlon Infra-Red blow dryer. Overall, the cost of 24$ is the last one you need to spend if you want to buy this fantastic dryer. The price makes it more affordable than most dryers available in the market.


#5. Others

Here are the other features of the Revlon hair dryer:

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry;
  • It does not produce loud noises like other blow dryers; and
  • An excellent sporty design could be a good reason to spend on this dryer.

Here are the 10 best diffuser for Revlon hair dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that you won’t hate your Revlon after reading this one-step guide on how to remove diffuser from Revlon hair dryer. Now you can easily snap and pop the diffuser in and out of the dryer. 

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