How To Remove Cord From Electric Blanket Safely

If you’ve been researching how to remove cord from electric blanket safely, read this four-step guide. It’s a relatively straightforward process, which you can do on old and damaged electric blankets. Once the cord and electrical components are gone, you can use the blanket like a regular one. 

We will also talk about the proper practices for a potentially damaged Sunbeam blanket. Alternatively, you can read this DIY guide on making a heated blanket if you feel extra crafty and want to make an heated blanket yourself. 

How To Remove Cord From Electric Blanket


How To Remove The Wires From An Electric Blanket?

The primary method to learn how to remove cord from electric blanket safely is to unplug it and take out all the internal wiring using small openings that you’ll cut manually. You can make the holes at the top and the bottom of the blanket and even remove some filling if your blanket has batting. Depending on the electric blanket, you may take a longer time removing the thermostat and cutting each wire.


Step 1. Prepare and check the electric blanket

Before you remove the wiring on any electric or heated blanket, the most crucial step is to ensure that it’s not plugged in. You risk injuries and even electrocution if it’s still connected to an outlet. It’s also best that you refer to the manual to know your specific electric blanket’s anatomy.


Step 2. Make a hole to find the main cord and cut it

You’ll have an easier time spotting where the wiring and electrical parts of the blanket are if you flatten it on a surface and feel or look for them on the blanket. Then, find the area where the main cord connects to the blanket and cut a small hole around it. Cut this cord and use the hole you made to reach the wires inside the blanket. 

Pull as many wires as possible and cut once you can no longer take them out. 


Step 3. Remove the wires of the blanket

After cutting the main cord and wires, flatten and smoothen the blanket again to check if there are residual electrical components inside. The cables on the upper portion of the electric blanket are typically hard to reach, and you’ll need to cut a hole above them to pull them out much more comfortably. 


Step 4. Remove all electrical components

Continue smoothening the blanket and feeling for any wires to take out with makeshift holes. Once you’re sure that the blanket is wire-free, you can sew the holes you made, and your electric blanket should be usable as a traditional blanket. Don’t forget to restuff it with batting before sewing the holes shut if you have to remove the filling in the earlier steps. 


How Do You Remove The Cord From A Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

If you want to remove the cord from your Sunbeam blanket, you should first contact the company’s Customer Service number. Some people might mistake that their Sunbeam blanket is broken when it only needs troubleshooting. You can also read the tutorial on how to fix Sunbeam blankets before considering removing your product’s internal wires. 

Sunbeam also advises not to use their warming products if they develop damages. Be sure to check your blanket’s warranty and follow the instruction manual diligently. Avoid using the blanket so that the cords will get crossed or pinched between the bed frame, walls, or mattress. 


How To Disconnect The Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

Sunbeam emphasizes disconnecting the power cord from the wall if you need to remove the control from the blanket. You should also never plug the main power cord into an outlet without setting the electric blanket accordingly. More so, the Sunbeam’s plug is polarized and needs the proper outlet. 

Why do you need to know the proper disconnection practices of electric blankets? All users must disconnect their electric blankets correctly to avoid dangerous accidents. If you must clean your heated product, read these tips and guidelines on how to wash an electric blanket properly, which includes proper disconnection. 


Can You Get Electrocuted From An Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets consume lower energy than traditional space heaters, making them efficient for those who want to save on electricity bills. However, the low amps usage of an electric blanket does not mean that it doesn’t put you at risk of electrocution. It would be best if you never overlooked checking the manual thoroughly and inspecting the blanket regularly each time you’re going to use it. 

It’s best not to use the heated blanket if you have had it for ten years or more than its life expectancy. The materials may no longer be as effective and safe over time and wear. To avoid electrocution or fire from a short circuit, never get the blanket’s wiring damaged or wet. 

If you find having an electric blanket too risky, consider getting other warm blankets instead. They don’t connect to an outlet but are still cozy and warm enough for the winter months. 



Is your heated blanket no longer working? To recap this tutorial on how to remove cord from electric blanket, you only need to make a hole around the main cord then cut it off. Take out as many wires as you can and cut them off as well. 

Repeat checking for wires and taking them out until your electric blanket no longer has electrical components. Sew the holes shut, and now it’s usable as a traditional blanket.