How To Remove Concentrator From T3 Hair Dryer? 4 Easy Steps!

Nowadays, the t3 hairdryer is being used for shiny blowouts, but most people are unaware of how to remove concentrator from t3 hair dryer. The t3 hair dryer is fast and leaves hair beautiful and shiny. It is pretty healthier and easier to use. Its ion-rich airstream is the reason behind its smoothness and shine. 

Come to imagine that 98% of women believe that this dryer is one of the best dryers in giving smoothness and removing frizziness from the hairs.

how to remove concentrator from t3 hair dryer

Different dryers offer replaceable attachments, which we can remove by pulling and twisting the parts. The t3 has a nozzle used for the perfect air concentration. It also includes a diffuser we will have to purchase separately for curls. The best thing about the T3 hairdryer is that we can easily remove its attachments for cleaning. So as the cleaning is more straightforward, now we can remove the dirt just with the help of a cloth, brush, and detergents.


What Is A Concentrator?

A concentrator is a primary attachment in hair dryers. Its purpose is to give a particular direction to the air coming from the dryer. It changes the flow of air, making it more targeted. It provides our hairs with the best blowouts ever. Let’s check out the steps for removing the attachments, like the concentrator and diffuser.


Steps To Remove The Concentrator From The T3 Hair Dryer

If a person has a t3 hairdryer and wants to remove the attachments for cleaning or another purpose, then the first thing to be done is to remove the concentrator nozzle from the dryer. Now, here are the steps on how to remove concentrator from t3 hair dryer:


Step #1. Pulling the nozzle

Putting off the nozzle is quite convenient because of its structure. The only thing we will have to do is to pull it gently. There is no need to worry about any breakage because there is no lock at the front end. Thanks to the structure of the dryers give it simplicity. The t3 dryer is made so that the inner diameter of the attachments is perfect to fit in the vent of the dryer.


Step #2. Rotating the concentrator

Sometimes, problems can happen during the removal of the attachments. It is possible that the concentrator can stick in the front end. This causes difficulty in removing the nozzle as the concentrator becomes too tight. Then we will have to rotate and pull the concentrator. When we pull out the concentrator, at the same time, we will keep turning the attachments. After getting loose, it will be removed easily.


Step #3. Replacing the concentrator

The t3 cura luxe hairdryer offers styling for different hair types with different textures. It includes a removable filter, drying concentrator, and styling one. A drying concentrator is used for drying fastly and with high volume. And the styling concentrator is used for styling by concentrated airflow. We can easily switch between these concentrators by removing one and putting another. To remove, we will pull the nozzle downward to release it and take a wider concentrator for drying purposes. Just like that, for switching, we will remove the wider concentrator and put it on the narrower one. The narrow concentrator is used for styling.


Step #4. Choice of a better concentrator

Undoubtedly, we remove the concentrator either for cleaning or replacing it. When replacing the concentrator, the user must keep in mind that we have a different sized concentrator for every model of the t3. For example, we cannot fit the concentrator for the cura T3 dryer into the Cura LUXE T3 hair dryer because of their varying sizes. Moreover, these concentrators can not be used on other models like T3 Featherweight and Pai. 

That’s why, before we purchase the concentrator for our dryer, we must be pretty sure about the best fitting concentrator.


Why Are We Required To Remove The Concentrator?

After a year of few months, we may notice our concentrator being warped or melting out, affecting its functioning. Sometimes it spins around on the dryer. The melting or warping is excessive heat released by the dryer. According to the reviews, although it still works, the concentrator doesn’t give a smooth finish like before. To cope with this problem, we will need to remove the concentrator with the new one having a suitable size for the particular dryer. After putting the new concentrator, gently adjust it to the top of the dryer.


Removing The Diffuser From The T3 Hair Dryer

If we want to remove the diffuser, it is also quite simple. We have to move the diffuser around when we feel a flips lock sound. It shows that we can now remove it by moving it to 45 degrees. After that, we can take it off. Here we are talking about the SoftTouch 3 Diffuser, compatible with T3 Featherweight 3i.

You may want to find out how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


It’s A Wrap!

Now we are pretty much informed about how vital a concentrator is for giving the desired look to the hairs and how to remove the concentrator from the t3 hair dryer. Although removing the concentrator is straightforward and trouble-free, it still needs care. It shouldn’t be pulled hardly and forcefully without any direction. You may want to read related articles; know the important things to look for in a hair dryer and the best hair dryer brush review guide.

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