How to Remove Bassinet From Uppababy Vista Stroller

The bassinet is a great addition to the 2012 UppaBaby Vista stroller. It provides a safe and comfortable place for your baby’s nap time during outings or when you’re travelling. However, it can be inconvenient if it isn’t installed properly or if you need to remove it from the stroller. This blog post will show you how!


Uppababy Vista Stroller

Steps on How to Remove Bassinet From Uppababy Vista 2012

Locate the two black levers on either side of your Bassinet.  

Press down and slide the lever towards you until it locks into place at a 45-degree angle. You will feel or hear an audible click when this occurs. 

Do not force the levers, they are designed to snap into place easily with minimal pressure for safety purposes so do not be concerned if you need more than average force to release them.

Simply ensure that they have been released by sliding them all the way back up before attempting removal again as otherwise trying to pry them open can result in damage which is not covered under warranty nor considered safe use at any time no matter how hard you try!


What is the weight limit for a UPPAbaby bassinet? How many pounds can it hold?

The weight limit for the UPPAbaby Bassinet is 30 lbs.


What age can a baby go in the UPPAbaby Vista seat?

The UPPAbaby Vista seat is designed to hold a child between 15-50 lbs. The maximum height of the handle on the stroller should be used as your guide for how tall the baby needs to be to ride safely and comfortably.

For example, if you are comfortable holding the handle at its highest position then the baby will likely enjoy riding along with you too!


How long can you use the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet?

The UPPAbaby Vista bassinet is designed to hold a child up to 15 lbs. Just like the seat, how tall the baby needs to be for them to ride comfortably and safely depends on how high you are comfortable holding the handlebar of your stroller (for example if it’s closer or further away from you).

If this feels too low/high then we recommend using one of our car seats with the bassinet feature instead!


What fabric to choose for the bassinet?

The fabric of this Graco Pack n Play Bassinet is a super soft and smooth 100% polyester, allowing your child’s skin to stay dry and comfortable all night long. It features mesh sides that allow air to flow freely through the unit while still giving parents a view of their sleeping baby.


How long can baby sleep in a bassinet?

A baby can sleep in a bassinet for about half an hour to two hours depending on how awake he/she is. This time frame covers the entire night as well unless your infant takes their first nap of the day in his crib.


Does Graco Pack n Play Bassinet have an air mattress?

No, this Graco Pack ‘n’ Play does not come with any type of air mattress feature.


Are UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz compatible?

Yes! They are both compatible with each other because they were designed by one company – UPPAbaby Company that prides itself on making high-quality products that last through several children or even generations of families beginning from 2006 when they started designing strollers until now almost ten years later.


Do you get a mattress with Graco Pack N Play?

No, there is no included bassinet-style crib mattress to fit the pack ‘n play style of this product either. This can be purchased separately from other retailers that sell similar products for your convenience if desired – which would include Babies R’ Us and Target along with major department stores such as Kmart or Walmart .


When do infants start sleeping in their own room?

Newborns up until about four months old will most likely still need to sleep close by you – usually right next door at least within earshot but not necessarily within sight so they feel more comfortable during those first couple of weeks or nights of life until they are ready to sleep on their own for the first time.


How do I put my child down awake?

You will want to have a safe place for them to play – even if they just lay there – that is not with mom, dad or in bed with the rest of the family so everyone can get enough sleep which results in better health overall.

This also lets babies start learning how their body works such as how it feels when tired, where they feel most comfortable sleeping, what position is best etc.

This helps them fall asleep on their own easier throughout life instead of always needing someone else’s help which leads to a lack of independence later on. Making sure how long it takes for them to fall asleep on their own is how you can start learning how your child’s natural sleep patterns are.


Steps on How to stop my UPPAbaby bassinet from collapsing?

If you have a UPPAbaby bassinet that won’t remain upright, it may be time to replace the legs.

You can either take your bassinet apart and try replacing just one leg or buy a new set online at for less than $20 per side depending on how many are needed since some models require two sets while others need four.


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