How To Remove Baseboard Heater From Wall? 3 Easy Steps! 

Do you want to learn how to remove baseboard heater from wall? Then, you are in the right place! Learn these valuable steps that will guide you from the beginning you start until you have entirely removed the heaters from the walls. 

If you thought that removing the baseboard heater was a complex task and could not be undone by non-electric professionals, you are wrong. On the other hand, if there’s a problem with your heater, calling a licensed technician will help you remove it safely.

how to remove baseboard heater from wall

Meanwhile, if your baseboard does not have a problem and you want it removed or replaced by a new one, these steps will help you achieve your goal today. Properly removing your heater from the walls will ensure your safety, avoid damage from your heaters, and will allow you to remove them for cleaning purposes. 


Tips To Remove Baseboard Heater From Wall

In removing your heater, you must consider things to avoid damage to your device, especially if your heater has minor defects or doesn’t have one. Learning how to remove baseboard heater from wall correctly is a must. First, turn off the power source. It may sound like it’s commonly advised, but sometimes, some people only turn off the device after opening the heater’s cover or feeling the electric surge. Second, when you take off the front cover, be careful handling the wires and make sure you have separated the connections carefully. It will help you in reattaching them quickly and in a good performance. 


Steps To Remove Baseboard Heater From Wall

Removing the heater carefully and cautiously will prevent you from creating further damage and electrocuting yourself during the procedures. You won’t need too many tools for the tools in removing the heart and only need a few, such as a Philip screwdriver, putty knife, rubber gloves, and voltage tester. You will use the voltage tester to check and ensure no electricity flows to the device. If you have no experience and have no knowledge of using a volt tester, don’t worry, as it is included in the steps. Are you ready? Let’s start!


Step #1. Turn off the power source

Go to the power source of your baseboard heater and turn it off. If your heater is electric and has a thermostat, set it to the lowest setting and turn off the device. If you have installed a separate circuit breaker for the heater or the other appliances, Locate the switch on your heater and flip it off. On the other hand, if it is a plug-in heater, unplug it from the outlet. As for the gas-powered heaters, find the zone valve near the boiler and turn it off.


Step #2. Disconnect the wires

After turning off the baseboard heater and the power source, let’s disconnect the wires. To do this, remove the front access cover by loosening the screws and locating the wires. If you have seen the electrician or installed the heater, you can personally determine which cables are. But, if you are unsure which side, you can open both of them. After you open the access cover, unscrew the wire cups holding the wires together and pull each wire from the wire cups. In the 190 volts heater, there will be white, black, green, and white wires, but in 240 volts, a red wire (hot wire) is added to them. Disconnect them all, including the ground wire. 

Do not touch any open wires unless you check them using a voltmeter if you want to check it with a voltmeter. A volt tester measures the voltage at two points and has two probes. To check, touch one tip of the device to the circuit wire and the other to the ground or white wire. The volt tester must read zero, and lights must stay off. If your tester is reading and the lights are on, check the breaks to see if it’s appropriately turned off. You may also be interested to know what size wire for a baseboard heater.


Step #3. Remove the heater

After you successfully disconnected all the wires. You can now safely remove the heater, Use Philip’s screw and loosen all the screws inside the heater’s housing. Pull the heater from the wall slowly. If the heater is stuck, you can use a pry to remove it. 

Secure the supply and load lines on the wall. Never leave them unattended. You can call a technician to settle them or disconnect wires from the panel and pull them out. For the wires in your heater, screw all the wire cups back and coil them to the electric box if your heater supports this feature. On the other hand, if your heater has no electric box, you can install and purchase a remodeling box.


It’s A Wrap!

You finally learned how to remove baseboard heater from wall. You can now manage to remove the heater on your own and replace it with a new one later on. Hope this article helped you remove the heater and other essential details on the process. If you find these steps confusing and you need to remove the heater, don’t hesitate to call or ask a licensed technician to help you out regarding the removal of the heater. You may also want to read about how to paint a baseboard heater and how close can furniture be to a baseboard heater.

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