How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa: 4 Simple Steps

There are many reasons why the back of a recliner sofa can become loose. It may be because of wear and tear, or it could just be that you have kids who like to play with the buttons on your furniture.

Whatever the reason, there is usually an easy fix for this problem! Here are some steps on How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa


How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa

Steps on Removing the Back of Recliner Sofa

Step 1. Unscrew any screws or bolts holding on straps or other attachments

Step 2. Pull up on the bottom edge of the back cover and slide it off

Step 3. Remove any staples or nails holding on the covering

Step 4. Once you remove all of these items, lay back cover down and carefully cut off excess material from the top edge.


Tips: In addition to removing the backside of your recliner sofa, there are a few other ways that this small issue can be dealt with:

Some people will just leave the back of their recliner uncovered and hope for the best.

Others might choose to have a professional come in and install new covers, like one made with a durable vinyl or leather material; this is an excellent option if you want your furniture to looking more modern while also being protected from spills and stains.

Some will take the extra step of installing a wall-mounted recliner sofa, which is safer and takes up less room.


Do all recliners have removable backs?

No, not all recliners have removable backs. If you want to remove your back from the sofa in order to clean or make repairs, it might be best to do a little bit of research before getting started and find out what type of furniture it is so that you can figure out how most efficiently to proceed.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re able to remove the back before ordering any supplies.

Some recliners will have a removable back, and some will not. If you plan on removing your furniture’s back to clean or make repairs, it might be best to do a bit of research beforehand to find out what type of furniture it is.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re able to remove the back before ordering any supplies.


Can you manually recline a power recliner?

Most recliner power mechanisms are controlled by a switch located on the arm. The button is typically found in one of three positions: up, down, or off.

The button’s location will depend on the type and manufacturer of your chair, so you’ll need to consult your owner’s manual for specifics.

For most power recliners, you’ll need to push the up button in order to manually relax and lower yourself into a seated position.

Some chairs will only allow for manual relaxation if they are turned off first with the down button. Others may require that you turn them on before pressing any buttons at all.

If your chair includes an “unlocked” icon on the switch, this means you can use it in a manual mode.

If your chair is locked when you press the button and nothing happens, then that recliner will not manually relax back into an upright position without power.

To ensure that your chair remains operational during any type of power failure, we recommend installing a backup battery system.

When the power fails, you can switch on your emergency lights and plug in an external charger to keep your chair running while waiting for help from authorities or PG&E representatives.


How do you move a heavy couch upstairs?

Moving a couch is not too difficult, but it does take some preparation. The first step to moving any heavy furniture upstairs is to have a plan and get your team prepared with the appropriate tools for the job. Here are some things you might need:

  • A good dolly or ramp that will work on both carpeted and  hardwood floors
  • A couple of helpers to lift the couch on and off the dolly or ramp
  • Rope, a bungee cord, or some other type of strap that will secure your piece so it does not slide too far while moving upstairs
  • To get furniture out from under doors in order to move them past without being blocked
  • A good set of hands to help move furniture upstairs and into place.


How to Prevent Stains on Recliner Sofa

  • Keep your pets off the furniture
  • Wear clothes and shoes that won’t rub against or dirty up fabrics, like jeans with dirt stains on the knees.
  • Drink only from a sealed container when you’re around food or drinks to avoid spilling on fabric sofas
  • If an accident does happen, have some stain remover handy
  • Clean up after your dog immediately. If it’s in the house, this could be as simple as picking up their toys and putting them away.
  • When possible, air out any soiled furniture to help dry things before they set into stains
  • Use a carpet cleaner or professional cleaning company if you have persistent stains.
  • Avoid hosing down your sofas, it will cause water damage and mold growth
  • If you have kids or teenagers in the house make sure they’re not using drinks on their device that contain liquid sugars like sodas or sports drinks to avoid spills.


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