How To Remove An Over The Stove Microwave? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to remove an over the stove microwave? The removal of an over stove microwave is straightforward.  Yes, friends, your kitchen needs to be updated! Or perhaps you’ve grown bored of the microwave that sits on top of the stove. In any event, you’ll want to get rid of it. So how are you going to accomplish it? Let’s find out how to remove the stove microwave!

Anyway, an over stove microwave is made to be readily removed. The item, though, is relatively large. As a result, you’ll almost certainly want assistance.

how to remove an over the stove microwave

Unplug the microwave, loosen the nuts, then carefully remove the oven to take it out. The techniques outlined above will help you remove an over stove microwave generally. After all, of course, things will not always be this straightforward. There might be some roadblocks on your path. In any event, you could be interested in learning more. Continue reading if you want to learn more about it. Let’s get started!


Time It Takes To Replace An Over The Stove Microwave?

You might be asking how long it takes to run over the stove microwave before beginning the process. The job may take too much time and cause you to miss your flight. Or perhaps you have a hectic timetable and need to arrange it. Irrespective of how long it takes to remove the microwave, it should be quick. It might take 60 minutes at the most to complete. Based on how well you or the companion collaborate, it might take longer or shorter. Given the microwave’s weight, your top focus should be protection. As a result, you should plan on doing the work in 30 mins more.


Steps To Remove An Over The Stove Microwave?

It’s time to get down to work now that we know how much time is required to remove the microwave. Here are the steps on how to remove an over the stove microwave:


Step #1. Measurements 

It is a non-obligatory initial step. Whether replacing an older microwave, be sure you collect accurate measurements first. Make a note of how much room the present one occupies. Since some companies want a specific amount of clearance, this measurement is critical. It’s best to keep the microwave away from the stove. Here between the highest end and the bottom of the closet, there must be 30 inches of room. The microwave’s base must be 13-1/2 inches above the stove’s top. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the right amount of water.


Step #2. Locate the receptacle on the wall

The first step is to locate the microwave’s power outlet. The wall receptacle is almost always found in the cabinet overhead. Disconnect the cord and thread it over the bottom hole.


Step #3. The mounting screws must be removed

Find the fastening bolts after that. These must be near the microwave at the bottom of the cabinet. There must be 2 or 3 mounting screws on average. Allow somebody to hold the microwave as you remove them. This prevents it from falling and causing harm. Loosen the screws carefully. 


Step #4. Remove the microwave from the oven

That’s probably time to get rid of the device entirely. You can’t simply put it off, though. To get the microwave out of the mounting bracket, you’ll have to tilt it forward. Unlock your microwave, then push it along via the rear if it’s over a shelf. Tilting your microwave forward may not be sufficient to remove it, based on the brand. Some will have to secure rods to keep them from falling off. In this scenario, it’s recommended to refer to the microwave’s user manual for instructions on removing the machine. You may also be interested to know about common problems with microwave.


Step #5. Remove the microwave with caution

Place the microwave on the ground or on a table to save space. You can also complete the job by removing the mounting bracket. A thing to note: if you want to remove the old microwave from one of the same manufacturers, the mounting bracket may be reused. You have complete freedom from this point on. A drywall-joint chemical can be used to plug the holes. If you aren’t replacing the microwave, try to paint your kitchen walls. You can add extra alternatives to fit in the area now that the microwave has been gone.

Perhaps it’s a chance to force the range hood back into play. Installing a pot filler will make your kitchen more convenient. In any event, you may remove the microwave with anything you like! Last but not least, you may even be thinking if you can place any microwaves over a stove to save money. It may be an excellent plan, but it will not work out. Microwaves that fit on top of a counter are called countertop microwaves. It indicates that it lacks the design required to perform over various temperatures.


It’s A Wrap!

Although over stove microwaves may appear appealing initially, their allure can wear off. You must find out how to remove the stove microwave? as securely as feasible in this case. In this manner, we can ensure that no cupboards or appliances in the area are damaged. We are glad you enjoyed the above details! Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about where to buy portable electric stove and how to make stainless steel stove clean.

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