How to Remove a Console from a Lazyboy Loveseat

A reclining loveseat is an excellent piece of furniture to have in your home. The lazy boy loveseat is one of the nicest ones you can purchase. However, you may have difficulty maintaining it, mainly how to remove a console from a Lazyboy loveseat.

The cost of a power loveseat or reclining loveseat varies greatly depending on the style, quality, and brand. They cost $2,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on the fabric, design, and manufacturing quality.

how to remove a console from a Lazyboy loveseat

Reclining loveseats are pretty popular because they give a lot of space for families, offer numerous ways to sit, and allow you to have a comfortable night in the living room. 

If you want your entire family to enjoy one piece of furniture and still be able to utilize it in a variety of ways, a reclining couch may be the ideal choice for you.

What is a loveseat?

A loveseat, sometimes known as a courting chair or mini-sofa, is a piece of furniture built for two people. Loveseats, like sofas, have backs, arms, and upholstery. The usual back seat is about sixty inches, as it is meant to accommodate only two people.

The loveseat was initially to provide a place for ladies to sit and smooth out  – at the time – heavy gowns, and it was referred to as a tiny sofa. People eventually realized that precisely two people in court might use these tiny sofas, and these small sofas were marketed as loveseats. Following that, they released a few variants.

What is a reclining loveseat?

A recliner is an armchair, couch, or loveseat that reclines when the user lowers and raises their back on the chair. It features a tilting backrest and, in some cases, a footrest that can be extended via a lever on the side of the chair or that expands when you recline the back.

To optimize comfort, modern recliners frequently have an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and an independent footstool that adjusts with the weight and angle of the user’s legs. Heat, massage, and vibration are among the other functions. 

Some versions are wheelchair accessible. Recliners, which can support a near supine posture for sleeping, are ubiquitous in aircraft, trains, and houses.



Cousins Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch created the reclining wood-slat chair in a garage in Monroe, Michigan, in 1927. This chair created the world-famous La-Z-Boy brand as well as a new furniture category – the classic recliner.

Their tale is a tribute to the American Dream, and their unwavering attitude has remained the driving force behind the La-Z-Boy brand to this day.

Full Reclining Loveseat with Middle Console by Trouper La-Z-Time

The Trouper loveseat is the epitome of a family-friendly piece of furniture. A handy central console with hidden storage and two cup holders keeps everything you need close at hand, and a simple latch release allows both the right and left armchairs to recline efficiently.

 Sink into one of Trouper’s contoured bucket seats, adjust the chaise leg rest to your liking, or recline without using the largest. For the utmost in soft support, a split-back cushions your head, neck, and lumbar. Grab some popcorn because movie night has just gotten a lot comfier.

This item has built-in USB chargers for keeping phones, tablets, and other gadgets charged and ready to use. Allow your body to relax. The addition of an airform cushion makes all the difference.

How to remove a console from a Lazyboy loveseat?

The majority of reclining sofas are simple to disassemble and transport. In some versions, detachable seatbacks are provided and are secured by locking mechanisms.

 By lifting the back fabric panel or feeling in between the rear seams, you should release the levers and remove the seats.

Some variations include removable bars attached to the base that allows for more significant disassembly. Take photos when disassembling the sofa, store your hardware in plastic bags, and label the removed couch components to make reassembling them easier.

The integrated brackets connect the lazy boy loveseat consoles to the two couch components. Each part of the couch fits into the brackets by simply dropping it into them. Detach the recliners from the console by lifting them straight up (one at a time) until the connecting brackets disengage.


It is tough to say whether a power reclining loveseat is right for you because it is personal. A reclining loveseat could be the perfect addition to your home if you value comfort and relaxation in your furniture.

The lazy boy loveseat may provide a quick cure for much of the stress we face in our lives. Whatever the source of your focus is, you should think about it for your health. Furthermore, this loveseat may assist the entire family. 

We also tackled the question of how to remove a console from a Lazyboy loveseat. It may come in handy once you get your loveseat.

Everyone can enjoy it, from the very old to the very young. With all of the advantages of reclining loveseats, it’s a significant investment in your health that you’ll enjoy for many years. Don’t pass up the opportunity to relax!


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