How To Remove A Candle From A Glass Jar

Yet another candle has been all used up, now you are left with its jar; such a vibe, right? That wax needs to come out somehow, most especially if you plan on using the jar again in the future Here are a few basic strategies on how to remove a candle from a glass jar.


Ways on How To Remove A Candle From A Glass Jar


Using a Freezer to Get Wax Out

Look for a decent used candle. This procedure will work best on candle jars with a tiny quantity of wax at the bottom. Also, be certain that the wick of the candle is not bonded to the bottom of the votive. 

If the wick of your candle is attached to the bottom, the wax may not come out smoothly. Consider utilizing the approach provided in the section on removing wax with hot water. Make the candle jar. 

Many candle jars develop narrower at the entrance. It means that when you try to remove the wax, it might become trapped. You may avoid this by chopping up the wax inside the jar with a butter knife. 

When the wax freezes, it shatters into tiny pieces. Smaller bits will be easier to remove than one large piece. This method is also applicable for those jars that have a unique shape or form.

You don’t need to chop the wax if you’re using a standard candle holder where its walls are just straight. Place the container in the fridge to chill. Place the jar in a firm place to prevent it from tipping over. 

Water expands when it freezes, whereas wax contracts. This implies that the wax will peel away from the glass’s sides. Place the container in the freezer until the wax solidifies. 

This might take anything from 20 to 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Remove the votive from the freezer. When the wax has frozen, remove the jar from the freezer. 

By pushing down on a corner of the wax, you can check if it is frozen. If the wax moves or feels loose, it is frozen and ready to be removed. Take the wax out of the container. 

Turn the jar on its side. The wax should simply fall out. If it doesn’t, smack the jar gently on the surface of your table or counter. You might also insert a butter knife between the wax and the glass and push it down on the knife handle to remove it. 

If required, remove the wick holder. If the wick holder remains attached to the bottom of the jar. You should be able to snap it straight off by placing the tip of a butter knife underneath it.

Then press it down on the knife handle. Remove any leftovers. There might still be a few specks of wax clinging to the container.

 If this happens, use a butter knife to scrape away the residue. You may also get rid of the wax residue by cleaning the jar with soap and water or rubbing it down with baby oil. The candle jar can be reused. 

You can reuse the container by filling it with candle wax and of course with the wick. You may even customize it and use it to store pens, cutlery, or other objects. Think about conserving the wax. This wax may be melted in a double boiler and used to produce candles or wax melts.


Using Boiling Water to Remove Wax

Another way on how to remove a candle from a glass jar is using boiling water. Keep your work surface safe. Because this process might be messy, you should cover your counter or table from any spilled wax. Spread old towels or newspapers across the surface you’ll be working on to accomplish this. 

Alternately, you may work on an old baking sheet. Cut the wax into slices. Insert a sharp knife into the candle jar and begin prodding the wax to make small slices and slashes. This will aid in the melting of the wax. 

It will also aid in getting the water below the wax and separating it from the glass. Fill the jar halfway with boiling water. However, do not completely fill the jar. 

The wax will eventually melt and float to the surface of the water. Allow the jar to cool for many hours. The water will have cooled and the melted wax will have solidified after a few hours. 

The only difference is that the wax will now float on top of the water, making removal easier. Remove the wax by poking it. You should be able to simply pop the wax out after it has solidified. 

Keep in mind that the water may run out of the jar while you do this. Take out the wick holder. You should be able to snap off the wick holder by putting a knife beneath it. 

If it won’t come off easily, simply pour additional boiling water over it and try again while the water is still hot. Remove any leftovers. If there is any wax remaining within the jar, you should be able to scrape it off with a knife. 

You might also use soap and warm water to clean the jar. Another method for removing wax residue is to wet a cotton ball in baby oil and then wipe it over the wax and glass. Recycle the jar. 

You may now reuse the jar as much as you like. You may fill it with new wax to make another candle, or you can decorate it and keep objects within. Think about reusing the wax. 


Conclusion on How to Remove a Candle From a Glass Jar

Applying a very high and low temperature on your candles are simple ways how to remove a candle from a glass jar. Be mindful about the temperature you are applying to your glass jars to avoid having to break them. If you got all of these into your heart, you are ready to resume your candle jars!

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