How To Reinforce A Bed Frame? 4 Easy Methods!

How to reinforce a bed frame?

Nothing could be worse than a squeaky or wobbly bed frame while sleeping.

how to reinforce a bed frame

It is a given that commercially produced bed frames are designed with basic structures to reduce cost.

With this, you have to either continue suffering from a weak bed frame or choose to take action to improve your situation.

As buying a new bed frame could be costly, you can reinforce your bed frame instead.

Depending on the type of bed frame you have, there are some methods you can consider to make your bed frame quieter and more supportive.

It might not make your bed frame as good as new, but it can make your sleep a little better.


Methods To Reinforce A Bed Frame

So, how to reinforce a bed frame?

Here are the following:


Method #1. Improve fastening of bed frame screws

If your bed frame wiggles with every sudden movement you make, the problem is probably on the screws.

Check each of the slats and legs to make sure that no screw or bolt is loose.

This problem is relatively easy to fix.

Just use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten any loose parts.


Method #2. Replace the center beam

Sometimes, the problematic part is the center beam.

If the center beam is bent or cannot provide support anymore, you might consider replacing it.

Follow the steps below on how to replace a center beam:

First, remove the center beam from the bed frame by undoing the screws.

Determine the dimensions of the center beam.

For the length of the replacement, measure the width of the inner bed frame.

Also, determine the length of the support legs by measuring the distance between the bottom of the center beam and the floor

Mark the measurement of the center beam to a 1×4 wood board then cut it using a saw.

To a 4×4 wood block, do the same for the support leg.

You might ask a professional in a hardware store to do it for you.

Align the support leg under the center of the beam then screw the two together through the top of the center beam.

Use two drilling screws.

Secure the new center beam to the bed frame by drilling the ends using a power drill.


Method #3. Check the joints

Due to movements, joints may have shifted over time particularly on wooden bed frames.

Rejoin the joints by gently hammering them using a mallet.

Place a blanket or cloth over the frame to avoid causing damage to the bed frame.

You can request one person for assistance to hold the frame while hammering.


Method #4. Add or strengthen bed slats

Ordinary bed frames come with a supportive center beam and borders but no slats.

Adding slats can provide more support to the frame by helping carry the weight of the mattress.

Here are simple steps you can follow to install bed slats:

First, measure the length of the slats equal to the width of the inner bed frame.

Mark this measurement on a wooden board.

Then cut using a saw or request professional help to assist in cutting.

Repeat until you come up with the total number of slats you’ll need.

Place one board or slat on each side two feet away from the middle of the center beam.

Drill each slat to the inner lip of the frame.

Make sure to fasten the slats well to reduce movement.

On the other hand, you can strengthen the bed slats if your bed frame already has them.

Some tips to strengthen bed slats are listed below.

Add box spring to the bed slats

Reinforce bed slats with plywood or lumber

Replace wooden bed slats with thicker wood or metal

Reduce gaps by adding more slats

Add another center beam


What If My Bed Frame Is Broken?

After checking your bed frame, you might discover that it needs more than just reinforcement.

Don’t lose hope because there are still ways to fix a broken bed frame.

Follow the step laid below to solve this problem:


Step #1. Remove the mattress and check the split

Remove the beddings and mattress in your bed frame.

Use a screwdriver to open the splits bed frame inside and then remove the excess wood chips.


Step #2. Apply glue

Check the length of the crack and apply the glue.

Spread it evenly across the crack using a flat knife.


Step #3. Clamp the split together

After applying the glue, use a bar clamp to put and tighten the split back together.

Keep tightening until the glue comes out of the crack then leave for a night to dry.


Step #4. Add plywood for reinforcement

Cut a piece of plywood equal to the width of the frame.

Apply glue to one side of the plywood then drill it in a staggered manner.

Leave overnight to dry.


In Conclusion

How to reinforce a bed frame?

You can consider some methods to reinforce your wobbly bed frame.

If the problems seem major like splits, you can fix the broken part after following simple steps.

Time to awaken your inner handyman!

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