How To Reignite Water Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to reignite water heater? Then get ready and start reading this fantastic article. Set the heater’s knobs to the “Off” setting. Allow ten minutes for the remaining oil or gas to be cleared from the control module.

By hand, detach the white cap at the bottom of the tank, underneath the control knob. To get to the pilot light tube, remove the metal burner cover. 

how to reignite water heater

Select “Pilot” on the knob. Depress and keep the red button adjacent to the selector knob for seconds. Using a long fireplace spark or a butane pistol, make a fire. Lift a red button & look at the fire from the pilot light. This is just a preview, and you should keep reading to learn the detailed steps.


Steps To Reignite Water Heater

The pilot light on gas and oil-fired water heaters glows constantly and instantly starts its burner whenever warm water is needed. The air bubble in the gas line might cause the lightbulb to deplete energy or go out in certain instances. High gusts can blow out the pilot light on heaters in outside shelters. To use the correct ignition source, relighting the water heater is simple. Shut off the supply valve that serves the flexible line to the heater & contact a plumber if you scent gasoline or fuel oil. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully to learn how to reignite water heater.


Step #1. Get access to the pilot light

Unlock the pilot light’s lid, usually found below the gas valve. Just access the top if there is an open space where the pilot light is seen blazing; if there isn’t any available space, the water heater remains closed. Should not attempt to eliminate the lid from a covered burner component because it prevents combustible gases from igniting from outside water heater.


Step #2. Find the heater’s burner

Identify its burner with a torch; it must have two gas tubes coming to it. Finding the right burner location is simple and helps you reignite the water heater correctly.


Step #3. Turn on the supply of gas

Set the “Pilot” setting on the gasoline on/off pilot button. It will start a gas supply that will kindle the flame. Press and hold the pilot settings icon if the model does have this option. Ignite the pilot while keeping the gas valve and button-down. The water heater would have an initiating switch, or one might have to physically ignite it with a long lighter due to the type. Continue to hold the switch and button for a couple of minutes after the pilot light has ignited. To ensure that the light stays illuminated, start releasing it. Look for a whirring noise from the burner after turning the gas valve to “On.” It’s sparked when you hear this noise.


Step #4. Set the temperature

At the bottom of the tank, replace the burner cap or outer covering. To ignite the burner, adjust the control knob at the moderate flame. Make the necessary adjustments to get a suitable temperature. I guess it’s helpful to read about setting your water heater temperature for best result.


Why Do You Need To Reignite The Water heater?

Whenever the pilot light turns on, the thermocouple detects it. Its thermocouple cuts off the gas supply to the fire if it detects that the pilot light went out, preventing safety hazards with the water heater. Even though the pilot light is burning correctly, thermocouples might fail over time and cut off the supply of gas to it. In addition to common malfunctions, the thermocouple may be clogged with debris or twisted away from the pilot light’s flame. 

A thermocouple would have a stricter problem recognizing the pilot light either, for instance, which will cut off the supply of gas to the love. Also, if a water heater doesn’t have a closed combustion process, a powerful airflow near the unit might cause the pilot light to go out. There isn’t enough flammable air in the room. A pilot light could go out if the water heater is in a storage room or somewhere else where there isn’t enough combustible air. This condition might also result in the development of Carbon Monoxide, which is potentially fatal.


What Is A Thermocouple In Water Heater?

A thermocouple seems to be an electrical sensor that monitors if somehow the pilot flame was sufficiently hot to ignite gas and propane energy going to the burner. If somehow the thermocouple determines that it is safe, the gas flow gate inside the pilot component is permitted to open and stay open. So when the thermocouple and flame sensor detects insufficient heat from the pilot flame, for example, once the pilot gets extinguished, it turns off the gas valve that supplies gas to the burners. A thermocouple generates a little quantity of power when it warms up. When heat is produced and the pilot flame heats up sufficiently, a message is sent to activate the gas line through an actuator controlled by a 22 Volt transformer.


It’s A Wrap!

I think you have got complete knowledge of how to reignite water heater. The reigniting process is much simpler, and you just need to read the steps carefully and start reigniting your water heater. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to install a hybrid water heater and what does a water heater anode rod do. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. 

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