How To Refresh A Mattress? In 6 Awesome Steps!

How to refresh a mattress? In just six easy steps, I’m sure you can do that; and all of these steps can be executed with breeze. Well, you will learn as you read along!

Does the idea of having lots of sweat on your mattress freak you out? If so, this is your sign to start refreshing it.

How to refresh a mattress

But then how do I do this, and where do I have to start?

Don’t worry about that, in this article we’ll teach you how you could do it easily without any problem.

Cleaning your very own bedroom is a routine for everybody, but maybe you are missing something important – your mattress.

It is one of the most comfortable things that you could own and rely on when you need a good rest after a long tiring day of work, school, etc.

Did you know that you can refresh your mattress with just simple household products? If not, let me show you how it’s done.


Steps To Refresh A Mattress

Refreshing your mattress might sound so hard, but it isn’t at all. The question is: how to refresh a mattress?

All you need are just simple household products like baking soda and detergent, and you’re all set.

Here are some simple steps that you might want to follow to refresh your mattress and new ones.

It may be subjective, and it’s all up to your preference whether you want to follow these steps or not.


Step #1. Remove and clean sheets

Before you start refreshing your mattress, make sure to remove and clean the sheets and beddings.

It is advised that you should do this every 1-2 weeks.

After all, this is where your skin is directly exposed when you go to sleep.

It would help if you were careful about your hygiene before resting.

The sweats and dirt gets absorbed by the sheet and the mattress, making them the perfect habitat for dust mites to strive.

You don’t want that to happen either.


Step #2. Deodorize and vacuum mattress

This part will be a crucial one.

The sheets will have an unpleasant smell still even if it is clean.

To avoid that from happening, pour some baking soda at the top of the mattress and allow it to sit for a few hours.

Once the baking soda mixture has all dried up, start to vacuum it out to get rid of dust mites and any other things that might be hiding on the crevices.

After the vacuuming part is done, you should empty the bag away from the mattress to prevent the spores from flying back to the bed.

Just one more step for this, and we can continue to move onto the next part.

Let me remind you, though, never combine vinegar and baking soda.

As this can cancel each other out, use them one at a time to avoid canceling each other and instead create a neutral habitat for odor-causing germs.

Firstly, if you have an empty spray bottle, fill it up with vinegar.

Proceed on spraying the entire mattress and flip on the other side afterward.

Allow to dry it up for a few minutes and dust up some baking soda. Repeat this process several times.

Once it all dries up, vacuum it thoroughly. For best results, do clean your mattress every three months to avoid mites and germs.


Step #3. Removing stains

A solution of liquid detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide will do the trick even if your mattress has tough stains.

Once you’re done mixing these components, apply them to the problem area and blot the mattress gently.

You might not want to overdo it to avoid the stain going deeper.

If your mattress smells dirty, clean it with a simple household cleaner.

Combine half a teaspoon of detergent with two cups of water and spray it all over.


Step #4. Add some refreshing scent

This step is optional. Not everybody likes to sleep on beds with such a heavy scent of something.

But if you are that type of person, then this is for you. Let me teach you how it’s done.

First, mix in 20 drops of essential oil and one cup of distilled water to a cup of vinegar.

Combine all the ingredients and put them in a spray bottle to apply.

Another simple recipe that you can use is by mixing the essential oil with baking soda. Mix one cup of baking soda, few drops of essential oil, and sprinkle on the mattress.


Step #5. Drying the mattress

To guarantee that there is no dampness left on the mattress, you should dry it outside.

This method ensures the bed to be dried out thoroughly.

Let it stand up and give support to make sure that the sun hits both sides to dry up faster.

In that way, your mattress will be odor-free and put directly to bed after these processes are done.

Take note that the temperature and humidity of your room should be at recommended levels.

This way can prevent the growth of dust mites in the future.


Step #6. Sealing with a mattress protector

Now that you’re done with refreshing your mattress, it’s time to make sure that it stays clean as possible.

A mattress protector may prevent spills, stains, and such.

 If you are wondering how to clean your memory foam mattress, then click here.

Nevertheless, that is all.



Alright, so today we’re done, and I hope you’ve learned the basics on how to refresh your mattress.

And with that, we answered the question, “How to refresh a mattress” I hope you will be mindful and responsible about what is happening with your mattresses.