7 Simple Steps On How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair

For those who want to know how to refill a bean bag chair, you should check out this quick and easy seven-step guide. Keep reading this article to know what will be the perfect fillings for your bean chair.


how to refill a bean bag chair

What Are The Materials Needed? 

Before you proceed to the procedure, you need to have the complete materials. If you have all of these materials, you are good to go!

  • Bean bag chair
  • Vacuum or broomstick
  • Garbage bag
  • Fillings


Filling The Bean Bag Chair


Step #1. Inspect the delivered package for damage

When you purchase a bean filling for your bean bag chair, you must inspect the package given to you. If there are problems, you need to return them from the supplier that you purchased from immediately.


Step #2. Inspect your flat bean bag chair carefully

In this step, you need to thoroughly inspect the flat bean bag chair if there are signs of holes and rips from the fabric. To know that your bean bag is high quality, these are usually made out of leather.

When it’s made out of this kind of material, it tends to be more durable, and they are less likely to puncture. Leathered bead bag chairs provide greater longevity, but if you don’t have this type of bean bag chair, there are also other excellent materials available.


Step #3. Have someone assist you in filling up the bean bag chair

Refilling a bean bag on your own will be challenging since you’ll need to hold both sides to open it widely to fill in the fillings into the chair. It would be best to have someone with you to help you hold the chair while filling in the bean bag fillings carefully. Make sure that when you fill in the chair, avoid doing the procedure in an environment with too much breeze since the fillings are lightweight and tend to fly away.


Step #4. Close the zipper

Zippers are locked in order to keep things closed, while on the other hand, some have special patches to keep them away from small children.


Step #5. Sit on the chair

Try out the bean bag chair by sitting on it. You’ll notice a sinking motion like you are standing on quicksand by the desert. It usually happens because the fillings inside the chair settle, and the trapped air is pushed out from the chair.


Step #6. Add more filling if you want to have a stiffer chair

If you feel like something’s still off while sitting on your bean bag chair, you are free to apply more fillings to satisfy your standards with the chair you have. Nothing will be lost in this optional step. If it’s too stiff, you can deduct the excess fillings.


Step #7. Relax and enjoy on your bean bag chair

If everything is all settled, you finally have a comfortable bean bag chair. It is like having your new cuddle buddy. Don’t forget to clean up your mess using your vacuum or broom and throw it inside a garbage bag before relaxing throughout the day!


Types of bean bag fillings


Compressed foam

This type of foam is recently used to fill in bean bag chairs. Compressed foams are usually made out of shredded foam material. Surprisingly, this type of material gives more comfort to the person sitting on a bean bag chair because of the softness and relaxation.


EPM beads

EPM beads are made out of polystyrene balls that are misinterpreted as balls of styrofoam. It is a typical bean bag filling since it is cheap and plentiful for these chairs because it is very rigid and lightweight. Also, on a positive note, when you buy this filling, if you have excess beads, you may use it for other crafts that you are planning to do in your home.


EPP beads

EPP beads are also known as expanded polypropylene, and yes, this is another type of polymer. Compared to EPM beads, this material is more substantial, durable, and exceptionally resilient.

If you are already planning to purchase this kind of filling, we would like to inform you that when you use this as a filling when you sit on your bean bag chair, it will go back to its original shape when the material is squished. The volume of the material does not decrease quickly compared to any other materials.



Microbeads are small pellet kinds that usually come from polyethylene plastic. These fillings are not that great with an oversized bean bag chair.

It would be best to consider when you are planning to purchase this filling. Micro-beads are not nature friendly since this material came from plastic.



You have reached the endpoint of the article on how to refill a bean bag chair. After refilling your chair, make sure that you clean up your mess because of the scattered fillings on the floor. After that, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your chair!

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