How To Recover Water Damaged SD Card In 4 Manageable Steps

Losing your mind thinking if you can still save your damaged SD card? Do you want to know how to recover water damaged sd card?

If those were one of your queries, you are in the right place to seek answers. Continue reading to know what you can do.

how to recover water damaged sd card


What Are The Possible Reasons For Damage On SD Cards?

SD cards are a good option for storing files conveniently. It is excellent as a backup since it wouldn’t be affected if your device’s power source malfunctioned. 

Newer SD cards have higher storage capacity, smaller, lighter, more versatile, and convenient. Other than the phone, you can also use it on computers and cameras.

After knowing its positive side, it’s time to acknowledge the adverse ones. Since it is small and lighter, you may misplace it, and if you drop your phone into the water, it could also get impacted. 

Here are some of the other problems that might occur:

  • Wear and tear – Frequently inserting and removing the sd card might cause problems to the metal contacts like wearing and tearing.
  • Accidental drops – Some sd cards may be affected by accidental falls, while some may still function normally. After falling, try and see if the sd card would behave abnormally; if it does, it indeed is damaged.
  • Electrical surge – Abrupt electrical spikes might cause temporary or permanent damage.
  • Water damage – Like any other delicate device, coming in contact might cause problems to the sd card, especially if it was submerged for an extended period.

This article will prioritize recovering SD cards damaged by water. Suppose you’re interested in how to recover SD cards from other problems stated above; in that case, you can visit this article concerning how to recover physically damaged SD cards.


How To Fix A Water Damaged SD Card?

Have you accidentally dropped your sd card in a tub filled with water, or has it accidentally gone through the washing machine unnoticed? It can be frustrating once you witness those, specifically if you have essential files inside them.

Fret no more; you can follow these steps to try and recover your sd card:

Step #1. Use a dry and static-free cloth to remove excess dampness. 

Step #2. Place the SD card in a well-ventilated area or have good airflow. Alternatively, you can place it near a dehumidifier if you have one. 

Whether you choose one or both of those, leave it for about 24 hours. Placing it directly under the sun isn’t advisable because that may cause more damage.

Step #3. After 24 hours, you may try to see if the card is already readable. If not, it might still be wet inside, so it would need a few more days to dry.

Step #4. After a few days passed by and it was still not readable, you can proceed to this article that shows you how to recover photos from wet and water-damaged sd memory card.

For additional knowledge, you may also visit this article concerning how to clean water damaged electronics.


Taking Care Of Your SD Cards

No one would want to experience their sd cards being damaged as much as possible. For this, you should put effort into taking care of it. 

Fortunately, taking care of your sd cards can be done without putting so much effort into it. Here are several recommendations that you may take note of and utilize in your daily life:

  • If you’ve decided to purchase SD cards, be sure that what you buy is waterproof for your advantage. Other than that, you should choose a good quality one.
  • It’s good to have another backup sd card other than what you usually use.
  • Having a high-quality card reader may also be of help.
  • After using your cards on your desktop or laptop, eject them properly before removing them.
  • Don’t fill your sd cards to the brim, be sure to delete files that aren’t necessary.
  • Keep your cards dry and clean.
  • Don’t expose it to direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.
  • As much as possible, have a safe place to keep it if you don’t regularly insert it on your devices. It decreases the possibility of dropping and losing it.
  • Once a problem arises, it is best not to use your sd card to prevent further damage.
  • If you use your sd card on an SLR camera, it is best to delete photos on a desktop rather than on the camera itself. If you’re going to delete some, be sure to do it all together.
  • Before pulling out your card, be sure that the device is off.

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In conclusion, there are ways how to recover water damaged SD card; there is no need to lose your mind fretting for the worst to come. Accidents happen, and what you can do is be prepared, know the possible ways to resolve them, and be calm.

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