How to Recline a Bugaboo Fox Bassinet

The Bugaboo Fox bassinet is a popular choice for parents who want to give their baby the best possible sleep.  Some babies need a tilted or reclined position because they have reflux, colic, acid reflux or any other medical condition that may make it uncomfortable for them to lie flat. 

How do you get the best tilt and recline positions from your Bugaboo Fox bassinet? In this article, we’ll explore how to recline a Bugaboo fox bassinet.

Tilt and Recline in a Bugaboo Fox Bassinet


Steps on How to Tilt Bugaboo Fox Bassinet 

Step 1. To tilt the bassinet, push down on both sides of the front bar. While pushing down lightly pull back to release latch. Fold or rotate legs until you are at the desired angle for baby comfort. Push leg levers up to lock in place.

Step 2. Doing this will adjust your Bugaboo Fox seat from a sitting position to a reclining position which is great if you want babies laying flat when sleeping or even eating their bottle while still being able to see everything around them!

Step 3. Make sure that once finished folding and adjusting your stroller, always ensure it has been locked into proper angles before taking off with little one inside!​ ​​​Steps on How to assemble a Graco Click Connect Bassinet.

Step 4. Check for any damage to the product and open all parts. Make sure you have everything there before starting to assemble

After your bassinet is assembled, make sure that:  The seat pad has been inserted into the crib and sheet fastener straps are connected properly at each corner of the mattress;   ​The safety harness is attached; and, Baby’s weight is distributed between both sides of the bed (if applicable).​


Steps on How  to Adjust the Click Connect Bassinet  

Step 1. Fold the bassinet up and attach it to your stroller frame by pushing it down on both sides until you hear a click. Your Click Connect Bassinet is now attached securely to your stroller frame, making it easy for you to get the baby in or out of his sleep space while keeping him within reach.

Step 2. Grab handle located at the top rear of bassinet base near head area.

Step 3. Pull gently downward towards yourself with one hand while supporting the lower body with another hand (see image below)  – Graco Strollers come equipped with an adjustable canopy that will protect your child from sun, wind and rain when necessary.

Step 4. The shade has two panels that can be adjusted independently allowing parents better control over their child’s environment. For added safety, the stroller has a five-point harness to hold your baby in place while you are moving.


How do I Convert my Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet?    

Step one: The first thing need is an adaptor kit      

Step two: Unscrew all the screws that attach to the bassinet frame and bed frame. Be sure not to misplace them as you will need them later!  

Step three: Now, use a cloth to wipe away any debris on the bottom of your child’s mattress. You can also spray it with an anti-bacterial solution or dusting spray if there are stubborn dirt stains. This step may be repeated several times until no more particles are present and odours have been removed completely. 

Step four: With the mattress now clean, lift one side using both hands then tilt towards yourself so that it falls flatly off its hinges into your arms. Place this side down gently onto a  flat surface. 

Step five: Repeat the same process with the other side of your child’s mattress and place this besides its twin. 

Step six: To attach the mattress back into the bassinet, slide the unhinged edge under the top bar then lift it to lock in place until you hear a click or feel it securely attaches.  This step may need to be repeated several times if it does not snap right away but keep trying!

Once locked well, no amount of force should remove it from its hinges again. You can also test that your child cannot pull their crib apart by tugging on the bars firmly – they will remain solid and secure once properly attached at both points (top and bottom).

Now repeat these steps for every other part of the bassinet you want to convert   – mattress and place this besides its twin.  


Steps on How to clean a Bugaboo chassis

Step 1. Remove   seat fabric from frame. Use light soap and water to wash the chassis, paying careful attention not to get it wet inside where the electronic components are located!   

Step 2. You can use a soft cloth or sponge for this task as well as an old toothbrush if necessary. Let air dry before replacing the seat cover with the bassinet! If you have a newborn make sure to use only the head section of the seat fabric when converting back into full recline mode! 

Notes: Don’t forget that your Bugaboo has been designed with great care and is perfectly suited for everyday life in all its forms. In short, handle with care! Just remember not to spray any type of liquid.

Do not spray liquids directly onto your Bugaboo. Use only water and mild soap when you need to clean it!  Let dry completely before using seat fabric again! Make sure that the head section of fabric is used when converting back into full recline mode if the baby is still inside the bassinet!

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