How To Put Up Curtains Over Blinds? 4 Best Methods!

Do you know how to put up curtains over blinds?

Some thought that you could not put up curtains over the blinds. But of course, you can!

how to put up curtains over blinds

If you combine blinds and curtains, your windows will have another level of elegance and depth.

For most rooms, hanging curtains alone is already enough. But in some instances, your room requires extra light control and privacy.

With that being said, it would be great to install curtains over blinds. This can meet your requirements while at the same time does not sacrifice style.

In any case, selecting styles and materials that can work well if combined is crucial.

Your new project must have a cohesive look that will not overpower the windows or the entire room in general.


Reasons Why To Put Up Curtains Over Blinds

Know how to put up curtains over blinds! Why do you think it’s important?

Mixing window treatments have a lot of advantages.

Below are some of them.


#1. Temperature control

Perhaps, the window shutters in your room have a hole or crevice that you haven’t paid attention to, and your room stays cold even if you have shut the blinds closed.

In such a case, adding another window treatment such as a curtain, for example, can fill those gaps.

With that being said, the curtain will serve as an additional insulator.

Having two window coverings to protect you is a guarantee that your indoors will remain cozy and warm when winter comes along.

No need for you to keep yourself wrapped up in a blanket for so long. But you can get up and instead and keep doing productive things.


#2. Enhanced privacy

Some window treatments are light filtering and translucent, particularly the vinyl blinds.

They tend to let people outside get a peek of what is going on inside.

In such a case, your house can be very vulnerable to threats.

Burglars will be able to figure out if the room has expensive things that they can steal.

Adding some curtains over those blinds will make your house safer against any possible attack.


#3. Light control

Installing two window treatments does not necessarily mean that you will be staying in a claustrophobic space where air and natural light cannot pass through.

If you want to have more than one window dressing, you can combine blackout and light filtering fabrics.

But you might as well like a blackout curtain that is designed with Zebra shades that can also filter light.

It allows you to adjust the shades to improve privacy or light control, depending on the weather outdoors or the time of the day.


#4. Allows you to focus on work

If you’re someone who works from home or if you often work on weekends, you’ll need a working environment that’s free of any distractions from outside like glare or noise.

Although sunlight can brighten the room, providing a pleasant atmosphere, glare can be a great distraction as you work on your laptop screen.

Having your shades only may not be sufficient in preventing the muffling noise and glare.

This is especially true if your house deals with noisy neighbors or busy streets.

Putting up curtains, particularly a blackout one, over those blinds can enclose the room well so you will be able to work without interruptions and disturbance.


4 Installation Methods

Now that you know the advantages of having two window treatments, how will you install them?

We have here four different ways of putting up curtains over your blinds.


Method #1. Using a tension rod 

You can use a tension rod in putting up a curtain between the blinds and the cornice.

But remember that tension rods are not for the heavyweight.

So it is best to use them in hanging very light or sheer curtains only.


Method #2. Using Velcro

If you want a no-drill option in attaching your stationary curtains, you may opt for this method.

One disadvantage of using Velcro, however, is that you cannot slide your curtains open and close.

But you may still use this if you primarily are after the aesthetic and not on functionality.


Method #3. Installing brackets

You can also mount brackets onto the cornice to hang your curtains over your blinds.

Get these items in set:

  • Outside-mounting brackets; and
  • Curtain rods

Yes, these items can be acquired in a set, so you may want to get those.

In installing, ensure to position the brackets near the cornice’s ends.

Then, adjust them accordingly for them to be able to hold onto the cornice.


Method #4. Installing curtain rods

If you want a completely mobile setup, you may get rid of the cornice and replace them with curtain rods.

In removing the cornice from the wall, you only need a screwdriver.

After you removed the cornice, get the measurement for the curtain rods.

Then, mount them into their appropriate spot on the wall.


It’s A Wrap!

How to put up curtains over blinds?

Putting up curtains over blinds should bring a lot of benefits.

It will allow you to enjoy more privacy as well as temperature and light control.

Not only that, but it will also enable you to get your work done without any distractions outdoors.

With any of the methods mentioned above, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits.

Plus, you can get this project done easily and quickly.