How to Put the Cover on a PB Kids Swivel Chair

Sitting down in a swivel chair can be one of the most relaxing things you do all day, but how often have you had to put up with an uncomfortable or crinkled cover?

While many people might not want to spend their time putting on a new cover for their PB Kids Swivel Chair, it’s actually quite easy once you know-how. In this article, I will teach you how to put on a new cover that looks fresh and clean in just 5 minutes!


Steps on Putting Cover on a PB Kids Swivel Chair

Step One: Find a new cover. To get started, you should first look for a new chair cover that fits your PB Kids Swivel Chair and colour preferences. There are many covers available on Amazon and other online retailers to choose from so take some time to find the perfect one! Once you have found an item you like feel free to click “add to cart” and proceed with checkout.

Step Two: Remove old fabric from the chair. Next, you’ll want to remove any existing covers or fabrics that may still be attached to your PB Kids Swivel Chair’s frame by using a pair of scissors.

If you try pulling them off, they will likely tear which is not ideal because it can create uneven edges along the seams and make an unattractive appearance for guests who are sitting in your office! Make sure all pieces come off completely before moving onto Step Three.

Step Three: Put the new fabric on the chair. With your new cover in hand, place it squarely over the top of your PB Kids Swivel Chair’s frame and make sure to tuck any excess fabric underneath the seat or back support.

Step Four: Use safety pins to secure the edges of the fabric together. To keep everything securely in place you’ll want to use a couple of safety pins along each edge where the fabric meets with some overlap towards the front side so that no one can see how they are attached! This will help eliminate any awkward ripping sounds when people get up from their seats throughout the day too!


How to Care for PB Kids Swivel Chair

The following are a few tips and tricks for caring for your PB Kids Swivel Chair.

Tip One: Dusting! A quick dust with a duster or dry cloth will keep your room fresh-smelling while also preventing scratches in wood finishes like oak and mahogany. Put anti-static matting under furniture that has no fabric surface so you can store things without worrying about them causing static build-up when putting away items around it!

Tip Two: Vacuuming – all of our chairs have little nooks and crannies which may be overlooked by vacuums because of their small size, so we recommend using an attachment on your vacuum to make sure you’re getting all the leftover crumbs and dust.

Tip Three: Caring for Fabric – If Fur or Hair is an Issue? Use a lint roller on fabric surfaces that can collect hair, like chairs with animal print designs, it’s also how you’ll keep upholstery looking new!

Remove stains by using cool water and liquid soap if possible before scrubbing gently with warm water. Rinse thoroughly until clean then dry off excess moisture- this will help prevent mould from forming in humid climates as well!

Rinse any spills right away while still wet, use a stain remover spray when necessary to remove stubborn spots- be careful not to rub too hard which might cause more wear and tear than necessary!

It’s important to maintain your upholstery for it will last longer and look better. The more you use a lint roller the less hair, fur or other material objects will end up on furniture surfaces.


Are Pottery Barn chair covers washable?

Yes, the PB Kids chair covers are machine washable. Remove the cover from the back of the chair and simply place it in your washing machine with a gentle laundry detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or air-dry for best results!


How to Prevent Damages on PB Kids Swivel Chair

We recommend using a lint roller on your chair’s surface. This will keep it from picking up pet hair, fur or any other material objects that might end up there!

If you have kids at home and they are always spilling anything and everything onto the floor (or worse), then these coverings would be ideal for protecting them in between washings. If not, we also carry slipcovers that don’t require as much upkeep.


How do you Clean a Pottery Barn Kids chair?

Begin with wiping down the surface of your PB Kids Swivel Chair.

Next, mix warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a bucket (a little goes a long way). Dip an all-purpose cleaner cloth into this mixture to create suds on one side, then scrub away any dirt or grime that is noticeable.

Rinse off the cloth before soiling it too much! If there are still stubborn stains left behind you can use either baking soda or vinegar mixed with cold water as well to clean those up – how amazing are these two natural cleaning agents?

Once finished washing, make sure everything dries completely by using paper towels or another absorbent piece of fabric to soak up excess moisture!

Finally, fold the cover in half, so that the clean side is on top. Wrap it around the base of your chair and secure it with Velcro pieces!


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