How To Put Hydraulic Fluid In A Salon Chair In 5 Easy Steps

Do you own a piece of parlor equipment, and you’re trying to figure out how to put hydraulic fluid in a salon chair? Good news because we got you all covered!

The hydraulic system in most salon chairs requires hydraulic fluid. Hairstylists can adjust the chair’s height by moving it upwards and downwards, and we are here to guide you in refilling your salon chair with hydraulic fluid.


Applying Hydraulic Fluid In Your Salon Chair

Filling the hydraulic system with hydraulic fluid is relatively easy. There is no need to engage a professional to assist you. The steps are as follows:


Step #1. Set the chair to its lowest position

We cannot overstate the importance of placing the beauty salon chair in the lowest position. By pressing the foot button downwards, you can accomplish this. Apply pressure until the barber chair refuses to travel any further downward.

When the chair is at its best height, removing the fill nut to add extra hydraulic fluid is impossible. You should remove the fill nut with a wrench after the chair is at the lowest position.


Step #2. Unscrew the fill nut

You can find the nut located towards the bottom of the hydraulic chair. To remove the hydraulic fill nut, use an Alexa wrench. If you’re having trouble finding the fill nut, it’s a good idea to consult the chair manually.


Step #3. Fill the chair with hydraulic fluid

Filling the chair with hydraulic fluid can be done with a spray bottle or a funnel. It is only applicable when the fill nut has been removed.

Keep in mind that the chair will require two to three gallons of fluid. When you’re refilling your hydraulic system, be sure you’re using the proper kind of oil.

We recommend you use hydraulic jack oil from a reputable automaker. It will ensure that the oil is of high quality and that the hydraulic salon chair functions appropriately.


Step #4. Replace the fill nut

Tighten the hydraulic fill nut with an essential wrench until it is snug in place. It is best to replace the old fill nut with a new one to avoid any possibility of fluid leaking.

Ensure that the hydraulic fluid is filled to the designated fill line. Make sure you don’t go over this line, as doing so will make replacing the fill nut more difficult.


Step #5. Test the chair

The last step goes to the testing because you must ensure that any extra air has been removed from the hydraulic system. Lifting and lowering the chair a few times after filling the hydraulic fluid is an excellent way to accomplish this.

You’ll notice right immediately that moving up and down on the salon chair is significantly more straightforward. Repeat the procedures if the chair continues to make a bothersome noise.

Take note:

A hydraulic system is installed in hydraulic barber chairs. The foot pump and hydraulic fluid are used to enhance the control system’s functionality. It’s worth noting that filling a salon chair with hydraulic fluid is a straightforward procedure.

If you have all of the essential tools, such as a wrench, funnel, and fluid, you can complete the task faster. When dealing with either a hydraulic barber chair or a salon chair, the steps indicated above have been done before and found to be effective.

However, it would be best to examine the chair handbook because it will help you discover essential components. The hydraulic system is set up differently for each chair brand.


What can other oil be used for a salon chair?

You can also replace the hydraulic fluid with machine oil or lightweight motor oil in the 10/20W range. You can use hydraulic fluid in automatic transmission fluid. Although, you should only use it if you’re stranded and don’t have the manufacturer’s recommended oil.


How will I know if the hydraulic pump is bad?

When your hydraulic pump starts to fail, you’ll know it’s time to replace it. Increased noise, increased heat, inconsistent cylinder operation, difficulty or inability to produce full power, decreased speed of cylinders or hydraulic motors, or failure of the system to perform are signs of pump difficulties.



The popularity of these hydraulic chairs might be attributed to the fact that they are made at various salons and barbershops worldwide. Aside from that, these seats are both comfortable and stylish.

However, due to a lack of hydraulic fluid, the lifting system typically fails over a while. The problem is due to friction, which produces an obnoxious grinding noise.

As a result, salon owners and personnel must know how to put hydraulic fluid in a salon chair. It will assist in lowering the expense of purchasing a new chair or hiring a professional. Hopefully, we gave you all the essential knowledge in doing so!

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