How To Put Dress Code On Wedding Website

If you want to know how to put dress code on wedding website, it’s best to understand the wording that will help guests know your expected wedding dress code. We will also discuss below the etiquette for writing the dress code for weddings to help you see if it should be included in the invites. 

But what if you checked the wedding website as a guest and had no dress code or attire information? Here’s what to wear to a wedding with no dress code

how to put dress code on wedding website


Here’s Exactly How To Put Dress Code On Wedding Website


Make it easy to see

Label your wedding website well, so the guests can easily find where you put the wedding dress code information. Then, ensure that your wordings are easy to understand and avoid uncommon terms.


Explain the wedding dress code briefly 

Furthermore, your dress code should be explained without sounding like you’re flatly telling your guests what to wear. Instead, simply provide examples and suggestions to help everyone create their wedding attire.


Provide attire suggestions for your wedding dress code

Provide a sentence or two to explain your wedding dress code. Then, include tips that might be practical for the specific wedding theme, venue, and seasons such as the footwear or coverup.

Here are examples of the basic formats for how you can communicate your preferred wedding dress codes:

  • Dress Black Tie
  • Dress Code: Black Tie
  • Black Tie Attire

Then, you can elaborate on your dress code to help guests create their wedding attire. You can explain the dress code or put examples like the following:

  • Black tie attire for women: floor-length gown or formal cocktail dress/pantsuit

Black tie attire for men: black tuxedo with bow-tie or black vest with formal pants and leather shoes

  • Formal attire for women: formal midi dress or dressy top and pants

Formal attire for men: dark suit with tie, dress pants, and leather shoes

  • Cocktail attire for women: cocktail dress or dressy separates

Cocktail attire for men: suit and pants or dressy jacket and pants

  • Semi-formal attire for women: stylish dress or separates

Semi-formal attire for men: business suit or dress buttoned shirt and slacks

  • Casual attire for women: dressy separates or dress

Casual attire for men: button-down shirt, plain black jeans, and stylish boots

You can also add notes when putting the wedding dress code on the wedding website. The advantage of having a wedding website is that you have space to add more information than writing on the invitation. 

Here are some examples of additional notes you may have:

  • Dress black-tie optional: you don’t need to be very formal, but remember that our venue is at xxxx at [time of the wedding, usually in the evening]
  • Dress casual: feel free to be comfortable with your wedding attire, but no t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops please
  • Dress semi-formal: keep in mind that our venue is at xxx, and the weather can feel hot/cold
  • Dress formal: any formal and dressy outfit is welcomed, but let us practice modesty as our wedding will be [potentially conservative venue or wedding type] [you can also provide examples on how guests can cover different body areas if needed]

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Do You Put Dress Code On Wedding Invitation?

It’s recommended to put the wedding dress codes on wedding invitations to help guests immediately know what to wear. You can also lead them to your wedding website if they have more questions about the attire for your wedding. 

Since you can’t be long with your wording on the invites, you can simply state the preferred wedding attire as “Dress code: [wedding dress code]” at the bottom center of the main invitation card or pick a lower corner. 

Make sure its location is easy to see, and the font size and type you use make it easier to read. Be mindful of unique dress codes like country chic or anything most guests might find hard to understand. 


How Do You Write A Dress Code On An Invitation?

Here are some tips to indicate your preferred wedding attire on the wedding invitation:

  • Keep the attire dress code wording short and simple
  • Put the dress code somewhere easily seen on the invite
  • Link your wedding website on the wedding invitation to help guests know more about the wedding attire
  • Include a separate details card on the wedding invitation suite to elaborate the wedding attire more
  • Use common dress codes such as formal, semi-formal, or casual


How Do You Ask Guests To Dress For A Wedding?

You have three ways to inform wedding guests of the dress code. The first is through the invitations, a separate details card in the invitation suite, on the wedding website, and via word of mouth. 

You can even include a contact person for the guests if they have questions about how to dress for the wedding. But if it’s a particular theme, provide examples of the wedding attire.



Was this etiquette helpful guide? To recap how to put dress code on wedding website, you’ll use easy-to-understand wording. 

You don’t need to overelaborate, but give a short explanation to help guests create outfit ideas. It would also help to provide specific examples for your wedding dress code.

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