How to Put Curtains on Blinds? 4 DIY Simple Steps!

How to put curtains on blinds is a common question asked by many people. It can be more difficult than it sounds and often requires the help of another person. Read this blog post for instructions on how to do just that!

Steps on Putting Curtains on Blinds

Step #1. The first step to putting curtains on blinds is preparing the area. You’ll need to measure how many curtains you want and cut them so that there are no more than a few inches left over. Next, you will clip one end of the rod through the top hemmed edge of your fabric (it should be about four inches away from the edge).

how to put curtains on blinds

Step #2. The next step is to loop one end of your rod through the top hemmed edge of the fabric and then use a safety pin (or needle) to attach it. Please do this for both sides so that there are two loops on each side with about four inches in between them. You’ll hang your blinds on the hooks at each end of your curtain rod. Now, hang one side of the blinds to test how long it needs to be before hanging them both up.

Step #3. Figure out where you want to put your new curtains. Decide what height for rods and if you’d like a top hemmed rod as well.

Now, you will need two rods that are the same length (or close to it) of your window or space in between your windows. Depending on how wide your curtains hang from rod to rod, the required height might vary slightly. **If using a top hemmed rod.

You’ll want each curtain panel long enough to hang at least four inches below the bottom of the blind.
Find a spot on your windowsill where you can measure how wide and tall it is, then use that measurement as a ruler to cut your fabric.

Step #4. Hang the curtain rod so it’s flush with the top of each window frame or just below it if decorative moldings are around the tops.

Hang the rod in the center of your window and put a mark on it to keep track for lining up with each side.

What are curtain blinds?

Curtains are a classic way to add some style and color to your home decor. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create privacy too! Blinds that hangover curtains can help keep walls from being covered in dust or damaged by sunlight (sunlight causes fading). This is especially true for homes with a lot of natural light.

How do you put curtains on the window?

Installing curtain blinds is super easy because they go inside the window frame or on top of decorative molding and screw in place. It’s essential to measure your windows before ordering blinds, so you get just the right size for each one.

When it comes time to hang up your new curtains, there are two main ways: rod pocket sheers and pinch pleated panels. Some curtains have a rod pocket at the top, making it easy to slide one end of your curtain through from behind and then hang on an eyelet hook or decorative pull (like these).

Other types are designed for draping over the window sill before being pulled together with pinch pleations in front.

How to clean curtain blinds?

When it comes to cleaning your new curtains, you have a few options. You could hand wash them in cold water using mild detergent and then hang dry or machine wash on the gentle cycle with just enough detergent to get the soap off of the fabric.  You can also use a light steam press (or even better, an iron) to press the curtains.

How do you adjust curtain lengths?

After taking care of all those details, it’s time to hang your new drapes.
This is an easy project for someone with experience in DIY home projects since hanging them will depend on how much weight, length, and width they have (which can vary).

The rule of thumb is to measure how long the rod should be, divide that number in half and add about 24 inches.
For instance, if your rods are 72-inches long, you’ll want a curtain length that’s 36-inches on either side (plus an additional 12).

Next, hang one end of the top rail so that it covers the top of your rod and is about an inch away from it, then install a tension bar.

Finally, hang the other end of the rail on the bottom track or wall-mount bracket to parallel with one another.
It should look like you have two curtains in front of each window (or door).

The next step is to attach the curtains (or drapes) on either side of your blinds. This can be done in a few different ways, but you should have enough fabric so that it’s at least two inches longer than the length of the rod when fully extended.

Should I iron my curtain blinds?

Ironing the curtains is not necessary for blinds, but it does help make them look more crisp and professional.
If you have a pinch pleat curtain or valance on your blinds, then I would recommend ironing those because they are easier to press than other types of curtains like rod-pocket draperies.