How To Put A Throw On A Leather Sofa: 3 Trendy Ways

There are three options you can learn for how to put a throw on a leather sofa. They are the draped, folded, and effortless styles. These placements might sound familiar because they are also discussed for how to put a throw blanket on the couch

Why is this article unique? Because you want to know some techniques to keep the throw from slipping off the leather. Furthermore, the leather material is a league of its own, and styling it won’t be similar to how you’ll put a throw on a fabric couch. 

how to put a throw on a leather sofa


How To Put A Throw On A Leather Sofa Like A Professional Decorator



One of the most popular methods to put a throw on the sofa is to have it draped, either at the backrest or one of the arms for a casual yet classy design. 

  • Consider draping the throw on the back of your leather sofa if your furniture is large
  • Placing a contrasting color or material on the backrest will help bring the space together because it somehow fills the area on the bulky leather couch
  • You can also drape the throw over the back of the sofa completely to change this part from the rest of the leather material
  • If you don’t want the throw blanket to be intrusive on the sitting area, have it draped on one side instead
  • Drape the blanket on one arm of the couch to add interest and variety
  • Cover one arm partially and then adjust it to your liking
  • Some rooms look great with the throw touching past the couch and onto the floor
  • You don’t need to match the other side of the leather couch and fill it with other decorations because asymmetry in interior design makes the living room cozier


If you want a more formal and sophisticated look on your already classy leather couch, folding the throw is the chosen method. You can have the blanket folded into half or thirds, for example. 

  • Place a bright-colored folded throw in the middle of the leather sofa covering the back up to the end of the seat to accentuate the dark color of the furniture
  • You can also fold the throw into a square and place it at one end of the seat close to the arm for functionality and style
  • Use rectangular or square throw blankets to achieve a sleek look compared to folding a circular throw
  • When folding a throw blanket, consider its accessories or design so they’ll still show when placed on the leather sofa
  • Have the fringe showing on one side of the folded blanket or the pattern on the top of the fold before you put it on the couch
  • Some throw blankets might use a thick material, which will look too bulky folded, so consider having them draped effortlessly instead


You want the living room to be visually appealing and inviting for lounging, especially for social situations. You can achieve this by decorating the leather sofa with a throw pillow blanket “tossed” over it. 

  • Having the blanket casually tossed onto the couch is especially suitable if the material is knitted and bulky
  • Chunky knitted blankets, wool blankets, and other cozy blankets that provide warmth will look better bunched, then tossed onto the couch
  • Adjust the blanket to your liking to create a better placement on the leather 
  • Even if leather sofas have a formal connotation to them, you can still achieve a rustic and welcoming look with them if the decorations are not placed too perfectly 

How Do You Keep A Blanket On A Leather Couch?

Use textured materials for the blanket to have traction against leather and prevent it from sliding off. But in some instances, it is the leather that is slippery. Check this trick to stop slipping off leather or do any of the following:


If your blanket keeps sliding off the leather couch, the quickest solution is to place some Velcro tape underneath it. You don’t need to be an expert in sewing to attach it, and the minimal effort is worth it, especially when there are always users on the sofa. Sew the Velcro tape on the entire length of one side of the blanket using the same-colored thread or place the blanket strategically to hide the stitches. 


Another method to secure the throw in place is to have blanket buttons directly on the leather sofa. Then, place the loops for them on the blanket. Do you also struggle with the cushions on your leather furniture? 

We have written some helpful tips to keep cushions slipping on the leather sofa, which is a must-know for all leather couch owners. 



If the throw keeps slipping off the leather, why not opt for a heavier material instead? You can also mix and match the pillows on the sofa, where some subtly apply weight over the blanket. You can even use the weight of the furniture instead and tuck the blanket between the crevices of the cushion and frame. 


Spruce up your leather couch with a throw blanket. To recap this guide on how to put a throw on a leather sofa, you can have it draped, folded, or even tossed effortlessly. However, remember to apply weight or reinforcement like Velcro tape to keep the throw from slipping. 


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