How To Put A Throw Blanket On A Couch? 2 Stylish Ways

Learn the two best ways on how to put a throw blanket on a couch to add some style to your living area. Having a throw draped or folded on the sofa might shock you in terms of aesthetic value. But first, do you even know what a throw blanket is?

A throw blanket is a decorative blanket that can also be functional. It’s typically placed on the sofa or bed alongside throw pillows. Learn more about the art of styling a couch with a throw blanket below:

How To Put A Throw Blanket On A Couch


How Do You Style A Throw On A Couch?


Draped on the back or side of the couch

Did you know that thick blankets like wool will look great draped on the sofa? You don’t need to fold these thicker blankets because they will look naturally cozy when left draped. Aim for an effortless effect by spreading it out the back of the couch and draping the lower side onto the seat. 

For smaller and thinner throw blankets, you can style them on one side. Some couches look better if you tuck the blanket into a corner. With this style, the sofa seems more formal, yet the user can easily access the blanket. 


Folded on the seat or arm of the couch

A more classical way of putting a throw blanket on the couch is by folding it neatly first. Instead of draping the blanket on the side, you will fold it first to your desired style. The fold can be off-center or for a more oversized blanket; you can fold it in thirds. 

Folding the throw blanket before placing it on the couch especially looks good if it has tassels, textures, or patterns that need showcasing. A tip to enhance this tailored look is to twist the end of the blanket and drape it over.  Moreover, simply folding a throw blanket in half is a safe style to try because it will look elegant yet casual. 

How To Put A Throw On A Leather Sofa

If you have a leather sofa, it’s not surprising that you want it to be the living room’s focal point. Sometimes, simplicity is better, so the overall theme will look coherent. However, you can still put a throw on a leather couch to enhance its look and prevent those who will sit on it from getting stuck.

Depending on the throw you’re using, test several positions to see which will look best on your sofa. It can be draped over a corner or the back of the sofa or you can cover the sofa arm with it. However, an elegant way to dress up your leather couch with a throw is by having the latter in the center of the sofa. 


What throw blanket should you use on your leather couch?

Keep in mind that some blanket materials may easily slide off from leather. You want to avoid silk and fur blankets to avoid slippage. On the contrary, wool, suede, and cotton should work well on leather. 

Additionally, please check the color of the throw you’ll use. Contrast is excellent to help specific colors to pop out. However, the theme should be consistent so the area doesn’t look confusing. 

What Is The Purpose Of Throw On Sofa?

Did you know that throw blankets got the name throw because they are thrown on the bed or sofa? Of course, you can gently lay them on the surface, but it’s an exciting, fun fact to remember. But what is the purpose of having a throw on the couch?

First, it’s part of the overall aesthetics of the living room. Having a blanket can add some style and depth to something flat-looking. Moreover, blankets add some coziness to space, and the throw you’ll use can be a comfortable material to snuggle with. 

How To Dress A Sofa With Throws And Cushions?

Remember coordination

When decorating the sofa with throws and cushions, you have complete freedom over how you style them. However, please keep the word coordination in mind. Don’t confuse coordination with monotonous, but rather, keep the theme consistent, whether it’s the colors or textures. 

Add some vibrancy

One of the best ways to style the couch is to use the same palette for the throw pillows and cushions. Then, add a different color of throw blanket to enhance the colors of everything. For example, a bold throw on a neutral couch, and a neutral throw on a colorful couch. 

Play with contrast

Besides colors, you can also play with contrasting textures and patterns. You don’t want the couch to look stagnant, but you must also avoid going overboard and look excessive. Instead, use something single-colored on patterned couches and pillows or drape a printed throw over a smooth surface. 

Aim for coziness

Finally, remember to aim for coziness. One of the best ways to achieve this without overcrowding the sofa is by bunching up the pillows with a blanket on one side. You can also pick a throw that feels nice against the skin. 


Upgrade the look of your living room by dressing up the couch. In this article, you have learned how to put a throw blanket on a couch. Do you remember the two best styles?

For a more effortless look, drape the throw on the back or side of the sofa. Otherwise, you can fold the throw to get a tailored finish. Overall, keep coherency and contrast in mind, and you shall be the king of styling the couch!