How To Put A Needle In A Sewing Machine In 3 Steps

There are three steps, and you’ll quickly learn how to put a needle in a sewing machine. We’ll discuss them in a bullet-type tutorial to make everything easier to follow. You can also read more about sewing machine needles, including those for Singer models. 

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how to put a needle in a sewing machine


How To Put A Needle In A Sewing Machine Yourself


Step 1. Hold and pull down the needle

  • Use your non-dominant hand to hold the needle and the dominant hand to loosen the screw at the top of the needle; by using both hands, your needle won’t accidentally fall inside your sewing machine
  • If you’re having trouble loosening the screw by hand, your sewing machine should have a screwdriver included
  • With the needle screw loose, it should be easy to pull off the needle from the needle clamp

Step 2. Push in the new needle

  • Inspect the new sewing machine needle and find its flattened edge
  • Insert the new needle up towards the clamp, but make sure that the flattened edge is towards the back of the sewing machine; your needle’s orientation during installation must be correct, so the machine can make a stitch
  • You will feel or hear that your new needle is secured on the clamp
  • Tighten the clamp screw by hand followed by a tool, but there’s no need to overtighten it

Step 2. Rethread the new needle

  • You can rethread the needle after securing it in the clamp
  • Bring the thread to the guides in the correct order
  • Raise the take-up lever and secure the thread on it
  • Have the thread towards the thread guides in the needle area to reach the needle
  • Insert the bobbin with the correct direction of its thread
  • Have the thread on the designated notches
  • Pull the end of the thread and pick up the bobbin thread by adjusting the needle via the handwheel
  • Here is a guide on how to thread a Brother sewing machine or the tutorial for threading a Singer sewing machine for more detailed steps

Do All Singer Sewing Machines Use The Same Needles?

In general, most sewing machine needles are compatible with all sewing machines as long as you check the manual. With Singer, you can even buy the sewing machine needles from the same brand. The most commonly used Singer sewing machine needles are the Singer Style 2020 and Singer Style 2045. 


Determine the type of fabric you’ll sew

The Singer Style 2020 is ideal when sewing woven fabrics or those that don’t stretch. It is also a regular point needle or sharp needle. On the other hand, the Singer Style 2045 is a ballpoint needle that pushes between fibers, making it perfect for non-woven or stretchable fabrics. 


Determine the needle size for the fabric thickness

Lightweight materials can use size 11/80, while medium-weight fabrics are compatible with Singer size 14/90. For medium to heavier fabrics, you can also use size 16/100 and then size 18/120 for heavyweight materials like upholstery. Finally, lightweight fabrics such as lace are compatible with size 9/70. 


What Causes A Needle To Break On A Sewing Machine?

The sewing machine needle can break if you use a size too small for the thickness of the material you’re sewing. You also want to avoid pushing or pulling the fabric during sewing because the feed dogs will do the moving for you. Otherwise, you risk breaking the needle since it will deflect when you move the material yourself.


How do I know if my sewing machine needle is breaking?

Be on the lookout for noises when you’re using the sewing machine. For example, a needle breaking causes a popping sound, even if it’s just bent. You must immediately remove the needle and replace it with the right type and size. 


Can You Use Any Needle For Sewing Machine?

You can’t use any needle for the sewing machine because the wrong style or size can:

  • Pull in the woven fabric
  • Skip stitches on the non-woven fabric
  • Thread shreds while sewing
  • Holes in the seam
  • Runs in the fabric
  • The sewing machine does not glide smoothly and quickly

What Is The Sharpest Sewing Machine Needle?

The sharpest sewing machine needle will be whatever is the right size for the material you’re working on. For example, silk is a light fabric, so it should use a thin needle size 70/10, while denim is heavier, so it’s better to use a 100/16 size sewing machine needle. The thickest size is 110/18, so it should be for very heavy fabrics, while a medium material like cotton can work with size 80/11. 



And that’s it! We’ve discussed how to put a needle in a sewing machine, where you’ll loosen the screw, pull down the current needle, and push in the new one. Note that using the correct type and size of the needle is also essential to avoid sewing issues. 

We hope this was a helpful read, and please check this article on how to buy a sewing machine if you’re also thinking of getting a new one.


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