How To Protect Sofa From Dog: 2 Most Effective Ways

You need two steps to learn how to protect sofa from dog in the best way possible. They are the use of dog-proof materials and a long-term solution with the help of a dog bed. We highly recommend reading tips on keeping dogs off the sofa as well since it talks about training techniques that all dog owners must know. 

With that being said, let’s get started!


How Can I Protect My Couch From My Dog?


Step 1. Use a furniture cover

One of the most tried and tested methods to protect your sofa from pets is by using a furniture cover. Making a sofa cover is an easy project you can do at home, and you can customize its style and size to fit your furniture effectively and stylishly. Using a slipcover on the couch is also the better solution for you if you’re one of those owners who don’t mind having their dog on the sofa. 

The slipcover is usually made from cotton or materials like a drop cloth, which is easy to clean. If your dog has muddy paws, you don’t need to worry about the stained upholstery. Having a cover on the sofa will also protect it from scratches and other damages that your furry pal might do. 


Step 2. Provide a dog bed

A fantastic way to protect your furniture from your dog is to encourage him to use an alternative place for lounging. Training your dog to use his own bed is a long-term solution without you having to give up the visual appeal of the sofa by covering it with a protective fabric. And best of all, you are providing a safer and healthier area for your pet to rest on. 

Use a foam dog bed and make it more attractive for your dog to try. You can place his favorite toys or reward him each time he uses the bed. And while you offer this alternative, draw his attention away from the sofa more by making it inaccessible with barriers around or on the sofa. 


What Type Of Sofa Fabric Is Best For Dogs?

Having a dog is an influential factor when choosing the best sofa fabric. For example, you can’t get a high-maintenance material for the sofa if you have pets because it’ll likely need professional cleaning often. You can save time, effort, and money by using washable fabrics like cotton or olefin that resist liquid and abrasion. 

Another sofa fabric you can choose when buying new furniture and having a dog at home is microfiber. It doesn’t get stinky quickly, and stains would not be your problem if your dog happens to drool, pee, or have other accidents on it. But besides cleaning the microfiber sofa effortlessly, another advantage that your dog will like is that it also feels soft and non-irritating if you don’t mind having your pet lounge with you. 


Is Leather Or Cloth Couch Better For Dogs?

Selecting between a cloth sofa and a leather sofa if you have dogs will depend on your expected lifestyle. For example, a leather sofa won’t collect fur as easily, and you only need to wipe it for a quick clean-up. However, it’s also a pricey material that can be a headache if your dog happens to destroy it, and you’ll need to learn how to repair pet scratches on the leather to restore its beauty. 

Therefore, you must think if you’ll allow your dog on the sofa or if you will train him to never get on it. Do you need to dog-proof the couch, or will you depend on the furniture itself to be durable against the wear and tear from the use by pets and humans alike? A cloth couch can still be a viable option as long as the material is easy to vacuum and spot treat to keep the living room looking tidy. 


What Can I Spray On My Couch To Keep My Dog Off?

Besides protecting the sofa with a sofa cover or using a dog-proof upholstery, you can also encourage your dog to keep off the couch by spraying it with a pet deterrent spray. It’s easy to make one at home using cayenne pepper and water since dogs hate spicy tastes. Some owners also note the effectiveness of citrusy and sour smells for deterring dogs from the furniture.


Does Tin Foil Keep Dogs Off The Couch?

Tin foil is not only practical to keep cats off the sofa because it can also work for dogs. The sound and feel of this material can feel uncomfortable for dogs, and you can try using it to your advantage to dog-proof the furniture. Place a sheet of foil on the couch whenever you’re not on the sofa and see if your dog will have any reaction to it. 



The sofa might be his source of comfort, or it has leftover food, and that is why your dog licks the couch. Regardless of the reason, this article on how to protect sofa from dog gave you two solutions. You can use a sofa cover or offer an alternative bed for him. We also recommend spraying pet deterrents on the sofa, using dog-friendly upholstery, or placing aluminum foil on the couch itself. 

And while training your dog, keeping him clean, and keeping the couch free from food smells, why not learn how to Scotchgard a sofa? This will protect your couch from stains that your pup might cause. 


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