7 Helpful Tips On How To Prevent Mildew In Shower Grout

On the topic of how to prevent mildew in shower grout, you should keep your bathroom well ventilated and dried as much as possible. 

Of course, keeping your bathroom dry is impossible. What you can do is to help your bathroom dry much faster than usual. 

how to prevent mildew in shower grout

Also, it would help if you let some natural light in your bathroom to help in preventing mildew growth.

Your shower grout is the most vulnerable to mold and mildew in your house due to the constant moisture it receives. The continuous moisture itself makes the best breeding ground for mildew.

Do you want to prevent mildew from growing on your shower grout? Then you’re at the right article because we will discuss how you can avoid those nasty pests from growing inside your home.


How To Identify Mildew On Shower Grout

Identifying mildew on your shower grout can be easy. Just look for any white flaky substance growing there, and you’ll spot it right away.

Along the way of identifying mildew, you should also look if mold is growing there because the health effects of both fungi are the same. Knowing the difference between mold and mildew could help you remove them.

Once you have identified if there is mildew growing in your bathroom, here is an article discussing tips on how to clean mildew from grout.


Tips On Preventing Mildew From Shower Grout

Here are easy tips for you to make your bathroom mildew-free.


Tip #1. Clean your shower grout periodically

Periodically cleaning your shower grout with gentle cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda would help your bathroom be mildew-free.

When cleaning your shower grout periodically, you do not help your grout prevent mildew growth, and you could also look if there is a sign of mildew or mold growing there. When baking soda and vinegar are used to clean your shower grout, use it lightly, and it can also be your general cleaning agent for maintaining your bathroom clean.


Tip #2. Apply proper ventilation

A properly ventilated bathroom will significantly help you prevent mildew growth inside your toilet. Mildew grows with moisture and making your bathroom well ventilated can help reduce moisture build-up inside it.

Proper ventilation can also help you dry your bathroom, which can also help you stop mildew growth.


Tip #3. Don’t install carpeting on the bathroom

As much as you like the look of putting carpet inside your bathroom, this could help in producing mildew. Carpets can absorb moisture, which can be the breeding ground for mildew.

Yes, carpets look great in your bathroom, but this will be the reason why mildew is growing inside your toilet.

If you plan to put a carpet on then replace it periodically, it’s still a no-no. It can accumulate moisture in that area and leave moisture still when removed. 


Tip #4. Avoid mixing chlorine or bleach solutions with other cleaning agents

You might be tempted to mix different cleaning agents to get the most of it, but you have to be wary about it. Mixing chlorine or bleach products with other cleaning agents might create toxic fumes and endanger you and your family.


Tip #5. Use safety goggles and gloves if mildew growth is suspected

When you have suspected that mildew is growing inside your bathroom, you might want to use safety goggles and gloves when checking for you to avoid possible health risks.

Ensuring your safety should be your top priority. Hence the use of safety materials is necessary.

Though the effect of mildew is an allergy-like symptom, prolonged exposure to it may damage your respiratory system. That’s why this step is necessary, especially for first timers into DIY.


Tip #6. Use specialty sealers

After cleaning mildew from your shower grout, you might want to use specialty sealers to protect your grout from moisture and soap build-up. Protecting your grout is also one way of ensuring that mildew will stop growing from it.


Tip #7. Remove mildew smell

When you smell something musty and pungy, it is most likely mildew. This can indicate that there is a possibility that mildew will grow.

Aside from mildew smell indicating the growth of mildew, they can also leave an impression to those who will use the bathroom that you as an individual are not adept at cleaning your bathroom.

Check this article on how to get rid of mildew smell in bathroom to know-how.


How can Mildew Affect Your Health?

As said earlier, mildew can manifest allergy-like symptoms to you when inhaled. If a person has a weak immune system, these symptoms can be more severe.

The health effects of mildew vary from person to person due to the individual’s difference in the immune system.



You now know a variety of ways on how to prevent mildew in shower grout. There are ways to clean mildew from your shower grout, so hopefully, you have read those before making preventions for mildew growth.

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