How To Prevent Hairdryer From Tripping Breaker? 7 Surprising Reasons And Solutions!

Are you worried about how to prevent hairdryer from tripping breaker? No more worries, you have arrived at the right place; changing the socket you’re using for the hairdryer could be an easy answer to the issue. A breaker may easily be tripped if, indeed, the outlet is overused. Switch to one that has no other devices plugged in. When you don’t get another plug nearby, a quick solution is to use an extension wire.

There are various reasons behind your breaker tripping, overheating, old wiring, hairdryer electrical fault, or many more. Still, to prevent the hairdryer from tripping breaker, you need to avoid these reasons to happen. 

how to prevent hairdryer from tripping breaker

Whenever a breaker trips, the all-electric supply is interrupted to prevent damage to a circuit or the potential of an electric arc overheated. If this happens frequently, try plugging the device into a different outlet till you figure out what is causing problem tripping. Let’s get into the deep!


Hairdryer Tripping Breaker: Ways To Prevent It From Tripping Breaker

So, how to prevent hairdryer from tripping breaker? Hairdryer breaker tripping is due to several conditions, and we will discuss all the reasons below so you may quickly learn how to prevent hairdryers from tripping breakers. Finding the actual cause of tripped breakers could be a complex undertaking. If you’ve not discovered a remedy to these frustrating issues despite replacing the socket, here are some reasons how your device continues tripping and how to prevent it without putting too much effort into it. Read on to find out more!


#1. Ground fault

The fault happens whenever a hot wire strikes the naked wires on a steel box placed on the earth wire, comparable to a short circuit. This is particularly problematic in high-moisture conditions, as it increases the risk of shocks. To prevent this, safeguard plugs near the water in the kitchen and bathroom with ground-fault circuit disrupters.


#2. Overloaded circuit

Heavily loaded circuits are a problem for a lot of folks. Whenever the circuit is overwhelmed, something happens. This can occur if you have got a lot of devices running at the same time. The circuit remains dormant and cannot be used until the circuit breaker is restored. 

When you keep having this problem, it is an indication that the breaker is overloaded, and you might try moving your gear to a different outlet. Remember that 16-amp circuits are built towards high-powered devices like air conditioning units and screens. So as a consequence, they are susceptible to tripping when different small devices are connected. 

We can lighten the burden and, presumably, the overflow by shifting things to different tracks and turning off specific devices. Check your plugs to see if they are brown and if the breakers are tripping due to their short circuit. Test to see if you can detect any burnt odors.  If you recognize any of these danger signs, it’s essential to seek professional help.


#3. A faulty hairdryer

If you’re using your dryer for a long time, the circuit is almost certainly tripping, owing to its longevity. As a consequence of old or malfunctioning equipment, breakers may trip frequently. The fantastic thing would be that the solution is straightforward: purchase a more current hairdryer. Know how to repair small appliances


#4. Old wiring

The wiring is probably old and unreliable whether you’ve been in your house for further than thirty years. Rewiring your complete home is one option. This necessitates enlisting the help of reputable experts to ensure that the work is completed correctly. Furthermore, replacing your wiring eliminates the chance of other devices shorting out the connections and starting a fire.


#5. Level of hairdryer

Most latest hair dryers have a higher energy output of around 1,865 watts, which is a significant improvement over the previous 650-watt hair dryers. A circuit can blow when switched on when a tiny object with such a high watt is utilized—the inexpensive way in a low-wattage hairdryer. Bigger often does not imply supremacy in this case.


#6. Various appliances that are plugged in

Replacing the outlet where the hairdryer is put in could be a quick fix for your issue. This breaker is easily triggered if the socket is overused. Switch to one that isn’t tied to everything else. An extended cable can be used temporarily if there isn’t a near socket.


#7. Short circuit 

The short circuit can also cause a breaker to trip. That occurs whenever the dark wire comes into contact with the neutral wire. There is indeed a quick flow of electrons whenever the resistance is minimal. This flow becomes more intense, causing the breaker to break. The short circuit sometimes is produced mainly through the cabling of the device rather than the cabling of the socket and course.

Inspect your plugs to see if they’re dark in color to see if a short circuit is the cause of the breaker tripping. Also, make sure you don’t smell anything burning. It is best to call in an expert if you see either of these red signals.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned all about how to prevent hairdryer from tripping breaker. If you face this problem while using a hairdryer, use these steps to prevent your hairdryer from tripping. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us! Find out the answer to your questions: how to dry oil paint fast with a hair dryer and how to dry hair fast without hair dryer.

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