How To Prepare For Bed Bug Heat Treatment? 5 Best Tips!

How to prepare for bed bug heat treatment?

Have you ever thought of how people start preparing for a heat treatment for bed bugs?

If not, then let us show you how you can do this without any worries furthermore.

But, before that, let us give you a little bit of information on what this topic will be.

Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to kill any insect, especially bed bugs.

To give you a little fact that bed bugs cannot handle an enormous amount of heat when hit by any form of it directly.

Their bodies can only handle the normal to mid-temperature.

Once the temp has passed above that level, they aren’t able to deal with it anymore.

Bed bugs are dangerous, which is one reason you should eliminate them as soon as you see one.

Otherwise, they will spread infestations on certain areas that will lead to various illnesses ranging from the skin to the body itself.

Now that we are done giving you some information about heat treatment and bed bugs let us move on to the next part: the methods.


Preparing For Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

When it comes to preparing for a heat treatment that is especially for bed bugs.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind?

For us, this is just one of the most effective ways on how we can eliminate hundreds or even more of them in our houses.

If you see one, kill it right away before it is too late.

Bed bugs inhabit your old furniture, mattresses, or anything that is inhabitable for them.

They colonize and spread their races by laying eggs on those areas that they have infested and will continue to spread fear in the future.

But thanks to the help of technology right now.

We human beings have developed many tools that are quite useful for specific purposes.

More and more equipment is adding to the market day by day because of the evolving technology that we have right now.

There are a lot of professionals nowadays that are one call away when needed.

So they get the job done without needing to worry no more.

Sometimes they may be pricey, though, and that is where home remedies.

And chemicals come in, though they also have their side effects, so be careful.

How to prepare for bed bug heat treatment?

Worry no more when it comes to these because here, we got the answers that you might need now and for the future.


Tip#1. Professional services

Professional services may cost you some money, but we promise you.

They will get the job done well once it is done in no time.

Also, they will help you with the preparation.

Everything before treating the bugs to reduce the hassle.

From the assisting of removing items that may get intoxicated by chemicals to carrying things that may have gotten infected, they got it all.


Tip#2. Removing items away from the wall

One of the most important things in heat treating is the continuous flow of air movement around the house.

You must take away items close to the walls to let the air circulate freely and eliminate all of the hiding bed bugs.

Circulation is one of the most important things here.

As the air moves around a circular motion, the heat builds up more, resulting in extreme heat.


Tip#3. Moving out of items

You shall move items such as dressers, closets, drawers, furniture, and many more away too.

Take note that these things, when being heat-treated, shall be at least half empty to let the heat circulate when the process is being started.

Smaller spaces mean a lesser generation of heat which then leads to the process being a fail.

To avoid that from happening, put all your things like clothing in an open weave laundry basket.

Also, remember that anything pressurized, flammable, or explosive inside your house is dangerous, so make sure that before you get your home treated.

Move out the items to save yourself and your family from harm furthermore.


Tip#4. Cleaning and maintaining

Make sure that before doing heat treatment, you should already clean your house thoroughly.

Vacuum surface areas with lots of dust, and discard the bag outside immediately once you are done cleaning.

It will help avoid bed bugs from staying in a place to hide while the treatment is being done.


Tip#5. Remove all electrical covers and plants too

Sometimes bed bugs may have been living in your sockets.

In this process, it will allow the heat to penetrate the walls once they are all removed.

You should also remove the plants to avoid withering due to extreme heat.

It will make the whole process better once you remove all of them.

Please put them in a separate room where the heat cannot go inside.



Now that we’ve covered the topic of “how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment,”

I’m hoping that some of you have learned the basics of heat treatment.

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