How to Polish Your Bassinet: An Easy DIY

A bassinet is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be used for many years. How do you keep it looking new? By polishing it on an occasional basis! This blog post discusses how to polish your bassinet with minimal effort and without any fancy supplies.


How to Polish Your Bassinet

Steps on How to polish a Bassinet    

Step one: Remove all removable parts of your baby’s cot. You      

Step two: Clean the cot by vacuuming it with a brush attachment. You can also use a cloth to dust down your baby’s cot. Be sure to avoid cleaning products as these may damage certain materials off your child’s bassinet.

Step three: Remove remaining debris from the mattress      

Step four: Vacuum the mattress and wipe clean with a cloth. Use diluted soap water for this step if needed. You can also use a dusting spray to ensure that all germs are gone from your child’s bassinet. Allow it to dry completely before using it again.

Step five: Put the removable parts back into place and put them together in their original position or where you would like to store them away until the next use. Once assembled, vacuum over once more just to be safe! Make sure not to suck up any loose screws though.


Steps How to Attach the Canopy of my Bugaboo Fox

The bugaboo fox has a three-point attachment system for its hood, giving you lots of choice in how it attaches and where it hangs from.


How do I fix my front Wheel When one Side Keeps Spinning?

If only one wheel is rotating, tilt your chassis back slightly using both hands on each side or pulling up gently.


How Much Does a Bugaboo Fox Weigh Without Raincover/ Sunhood/Bassinet?

The weight of the buggy varies between 12kg – 13 kg depending on model


Steps on How to detach the fabric hoods from my Bugaboo Fox canopy

Hold the top of your canopy at arm’s length to pull it away from the frame.

Raise both side arms simultaneously, then lift and forward on each side, until hoods are detached.


How do I Detach my Bugaboo Fox Bassinet?

Two parts come apart easily: firstly remove the fabric cover by unzipping it.

Next, you will need to separate all four joints which hold together with a little force (similar technique as when you taking off pushchair back wheels) – simply use one hand for each arm joint, apply some pressure downwards while pulling upward.

Finally, attach bolts using included tool kit before reattaching your cover!


How Should I Store my Buggy or Stroller?

Storing your pushchair in the car boot is one way of avoiding taking up space at home. However, if you are wanting to store it away for an extended period of time it is recommended that you pack it inside its carry bag or box – this will prevent any unnecessary damage being done due to weather conditions!

Another good tip would be using some kind of protection underneath your buggy on hard floor surfaces where there may be a risk of scratching caused by the movement against the ground.


Steps on how to convert bugaboo Cameleon bassinet to seat 

Step one: Unscrew the front bar from under your base. You can see a little latch on each side that you will need to push for this step to work. This part may be a bit tricky but if done correctly, it should detach easily.

Step two: Now turn your buggy around and lift both sides of the seat fabric until they separate from the frame – pay particular attention to how these sections fit back together again when reattaching which is what we shall do shortly!  

Finally, attach a new cover onto the bassinet with Velcro tabs provided by Bugaboo.    Click here for more information about covers!    

Notes: Just remember to remove the original bassinet cover from the frame before attaching the new one. If you have a newborn, make sure to use only the head area of the seat fabric when converting to a full recline.


Steps on How to get scuff marks off a stroller 

Step 1. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe scuff marks   – Apply petroleum jelly on the affected area   – Rub gently with a clean and damp sponge   – Do not use any type of liquid cleaners as they may damage your Bugaboo!     

Step 2. Don’t forget that your Bugaboo has been designed with great care and is perfectly suited for everyday life in all its forms. In short, handle with care! Just remember not to spray any type of liquid.    

Notes: Don’t forget that you need to dry completely before using seat fabric again if the baby is still inside the bassinet due to the risk of suffocation!    Make sure head section fabric is used when converting back into full recline mode or the face can get trapped!


Steps on How to change the seat on a Bugaboo Cameleon bassinet

Step 1. Unbuckle both sides of the footmuff, this will allow for more room when adjusting your seat.

Step 2. Ensure that you hold onto the hood in one hand and take note of which side comes off first (it is generally easier to start with whichever half is closest to the door or window).

If you are having any difficulty removing either part then it might be worth checking if there is dirt caught within the fabric at your base – simply use some form of brush/cleaner to remove!

Step 3. Once completely removed lay flat down next to each other. Make sure not to leave too much space between them as they could come out of position and you’ll have to do it all again!

Step 5. Check the instructions provided with your bassinet and look for a button that will release one side. It may be necessary to remove any fabric or padding to allow access, so don’t feel disheartened if there is no obvious place to press down – just search around carefully until you find somewhere that lets you flatten out the base of your seat.

Now you’re done! Just remember not to leave too much space between them as they could come out of position and then you’d have to do it all over again!

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