How to Pleat Curtains with Hooks: Design Ideas

Learning how to pleat curtains with hooks is a skill that will take the look of your home from drab to fab in no time. It is an art form, really; and one that has been around for centuries.

With just a few tools and materials, you can be on your way to having beautifully draped window treatments without any fuss or bother! This blog post will show you how to pleat curtains with hooks.

With just a few tools and materials, you can be on your way to having beautifully draped window treatments without any fuss or bother! This blog post will show you how to pleat curtains with hooks.


Steps on How to Pleat Curtains with Hooks

Step one: Gather your tools and materials.

Step two: Measure the length of the curtain rod (or pole) and cut a piece of ribbon that is this long or slightly longer than this measurement with about an extra foot on each end for tying off at one end when you are finished pleating.
Step three: Tape down both ends of the ribbon so that it will stay in place while you are working with the fabric.

Step four: Fold over your curtain panel and layout a pleat to measure about three inches long on one end of the ribbon, tape down this end with masking or cellophane tape then fold over another pleat onto this one and attach using more tape.

Step five: Continue pleating the curtain panel, making sure to measure about three inches of fabric between each fold until you have completed all your desired pleats.

Step six: Take the opposite end of the ribbon and tie it off so that there is an equal length on either side for hanging. (Optional) You can also attach a hook or loop to this end.

Step seven: To hang your newly completed curtain, you may use either a hanging rod with hooks screwed into the wall about two feet apart from each other (about four inches from the top of the window) or by using clothespins and a string for shorter curtains that are hung in between windows. Tension rods are not recommended for hanging curtains.

Step eight: Hang your pleated curtain panel on the hooks and enjoy!


What are Pleated Curtains?

Pleated curtains are a beautiful way to bring more privacy and style into your home. They can be great for larger windows or even smaller ones that you want to create the illusion of being multiple panels.


Advantages of Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains are fairly easy to clean and take care of because the fabric is not as heavy or thick as traditional draperies. They also make a room feel more open since there is less bulk in front of the window.


Disadvantages of Pleat Curtains

Some people find pleated curtains difficult to manage when it comes to folding them back into their pleats. If you want a more formal look for your window, traditional draperies may be better suited.

Steps to Hanging Pleated Curtains

Step One: Begin with your rod at one end of your window and make a mark for where you will need to install it, roughly 18 inches away from the window itself (this will give you a few inches of hanging space).

Step Two: Take your pleated curtains and hang them on the rod by sliding one edge up over the other until they are all gathered together.

Step Three: Hang this curtain from the end that is furthest away, using an adhesive hook at or near eye level (the window, if you are at the end of it).

Step Four: Take your second curtain, lay it out, and then fold in a pleat on one edge. Center this folded edge over the other side of the rod so that all edges are even when they overlap.

Step Five: Hang this second curtain from its opposite end, using an adhesive hook.

Step Six: Hang your third curtain in the same manner, folding it over to be on top of the other two curtains and then hanging from its opposite side.

Step Seven: Hanging all four pleated curtains like this will give you a clean straight line that is split down the middle by each rod.

Step Eight: Hang any additional curtains, in the same manner, going from opposite end to opposite side of the rod with each one and overlapping them as you go.


How to Care for Pleated Curtains

Tip 1. Hang all curtains on hooks.

Tip 2. Avoid placing any heavy items or furniture in front of them. This will cause the pleats to bunch up and not look as nice. If you must place something in front of your curtain, use a stick that is taller than the rod so it does not touch the fabric from behind if possible.

Tip 3. Store them when they are not in use. It will help maintain the pleats and keep dust off of them. Hang curtains by sliding hooks through a rod close to where it is attached, or fold up and store flat on a shelf such as under your bed or behind couch cushions so that they don’t get crushed from folding.

Tip 4. Hang in the direction of movement.

Tip 5. Clean them often with a damp cloth or dry dusting brush to help remove dirt and debris, but be sure not to use anything too wet! Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your fabric because they may cause it to fade over time.