How To Plan A Wedding In Six Months: Monthly Checklist

Those who want to know how to plan a wedding in six months can consider this wedding planning timeline. For each month leading to your wedding day, we’ll provide you with a checklist to ensure that everything will be stress-free. 

Even though you only have half the expected wedding planning period, you can still accomplish your wedding needs and responsibilities with flying colors. And if you have an even shorter time to plan for the wedding, try this guide on how to plan a last-minute wedding

how to plan a wedding in six months


Complete Timeline On How To Plan A Wedding In Six Months


6 months before the wedding 

  • Accomplish all your wedding legalities and marriage documents
  • Set a wedding budget with your partner; be realistic with the amount you can spend
  • Identify the type of wedding you’re having
  • Plan the number of guests you want to have
  • Find a wedding planner to help you reach more vendors within this shorter wedding planning period
  • Book your wedding venue for the ceremony and reception; consider a package or an all-inclusive venue that will also provide the decors, caterers, and possibly other essential wedding needs like the officiant for the ceremony or wedding DJ at the reception
  • If the venue does not provide them, find a wedding officiant to ensure the legality of your wedding ceremony
  • Depending on the wedding location, secure hotel room blocks, and transportation for the guests
  • Because you only have six months before the wedding, talk with your partner about the items you want on your wedding registry and set it up online
  • Send your proposals to the groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and best man; the earlier they know, the easier it’ll be for them to plan the pre-wedding parties
  • Book the wedding photographer and videographer, decorator, and wedding DJ
  • Start shopping for your wedding attire
  • Book your wedding cake provider
  • Create your wedding website for more accessible communication with the guests
  • Send the wedding save-the-dates to notify your guests early


5 months before the wedding 

  • After getting started on your wedding attire, you can now shop for the accessories to wear with them; the bride can buy her undergarments, shoes, and jewelry, and the groom can also find his accessories to wear with his tux or suit
  • You can also select the wedding attire of your wedding party and parents 
  • Start discovering the rental company if the decorator and venue do not offer them
  • Create your wedding invitations and other stationery
  • Book your wedding makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Get started on your wedding regimen if you would undergo skin treatments and hair treatments


4 months before the wedding

  • Undergo the needed wedding gown and wedding suit alterations if there are any
  • Buy the wedding rings
  • Plan the wedding rehearsal dinner
  • If it’s a weeklong or destination wedding, plan the itinerary and book what’s needed
  • Check in with your partner to cope with potential wedding planning stress; read why is planning a wedding so stressful for more tips to handle it


3 months before the wedding

  • Plan your honeymoon with your spouse
  • Make the DIY wedding elements if you’re making any, or start ordering them like the wedding favors and welcome bags
  • Taste test your wedding menu, cakes, and alcohol
  • Do your wedding makeup and hair trials


2 months before the wedding

  • You might be doing pre-wedding activities like showers and parties during this time
  • Prepare the thank you cards for the people who planned your wedding showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties and send them
  • Practice your wedding first dance and other performances
  • Plan the music playlist for the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Send your wedding invitations
  • Buy the wedding thank you gifts for friends and family
  • If you received wedding gifts already, get started on your thank you notes


A month before the wedding

  • Check if you have your wedding requirements ready like the marriage license and other documents; if it’s a destination wedding 
  • Confirm the wedding needs and elements and when they’ll be delivered
  • Check with your wedding vendors


Two weeks before the wedding

  • Possible receive some of the wedding needs and orders like the bridal attire
  • Plan the seating chart and arrangements with the venue
  • Prepare the wedding day timeline
  • Allocate time to rest and relax to alleviate wedding jitters


Is 6 Months Enough Time To Plan A Wedding?

Six months is enough time to plan a wedding, even though a year is recommended for wedding planning. However, six months before the wedding will be the most hectic when booking wedding vendors, needs, and arranging the documents for the marriage. 

Those curious can check how many hours does it take to plan a wedding. It shouldn’t be rushed to ensure that you’ll get your dream wedding while also feeling at ease that the union will be valid and legal.  



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to plan a wedding in six months by going through what needs to be accomplished per month leading to your wedding day. 

You’ll start with the legalities, budget, venue, and vendors, then spend the remaining months ensuring that all the wedding details are up to par with your expectations and schedule. Feel free to browse our blog to learn more wedding planning guides if you have any more questions.

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