How To Place Pillows On A Bed? In 2 Easy Steps! 

If you want your bed to look good, you should know “how to place pillows on a bed?”

Beds are always why we are excited to go home from a tiring day of work or school.

Your bed wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable mattress, a bed cover, and of course, a pillow.

Mattresses and bed covers are just laid flat on the bed’s surface, and unlike them, pillows are much harder to place.

It is not only about putting the pillow on top of the bed cover and the mattress. You will need to consider so many things.

That includes the size, color, and orientation of pillows. But, of course, this is not necessary if you are sleeping.

However, it has a great impact on the appearance of your room.

Learn more with us through this article.


Steps To Place Pillows On A Bed

How to place pillows on a bed?

This question is not often asked because we can all agree that everyone knows where and how you put your pillows.

But it is more than that.

It is pretty unlikely, but visitors come at the most unexpected time. What if your parents decide to pay a visit?

Would your bed look presentable enough for you to welcome them? That does not only applies to your room.

Sometimes when you have a guest room in your house, you should also arrange it properly.

Considering that pillows are the things you put on top of the bed, these are the things you need to focus more on.

If the pillow does not look nice, the impression for the whole bed and room would be bad.

You might think that it is a simple thing to make, but it is not that simple and easy.

Let us help you with the following steps for you to follow.


Step #1. Buy your pillows

As for your bedrooms, it is important to have layers of pillows for your bed to look occupied and balanced.

Especially for beds bigger than the regular size, it is advised to have layers of pillows. 

But then it would look odd if you have the same sized and colored pillows for layering, so instead, do this technique.

You can buy two big white pillows that will cover the whole area of your bed’s width.

And then make sure that you choose one that is fluffy and has good materials for your comfort.

You will need about three smaller pillows in a different color of your choice for the second layer.

As much as possible, play on the colors of the room’s theme or the bed cover’s color palette.


Step #2. Place it on the bed

The next step would be placing the pillows on the bed. After choosing and buying the ones, you need you can throw them on the bed.

Not literally throw but somehow arrange it to look presentable and balanced.

You can start by placing the two large white pillows on the upper part of your bed, touching your headboard.

And then maybe you can check if it is half the size of your bed. Then, two of the pillow can cover the whole bed space.

Pat the pillow to ensure that it spreads on its edges and make sure that it is fluffy.

As for the second layer of pillows, you can try to put them after the big white pillows you placed earlier.

You can arrange the pillows piling up next to each other, and then maybe you can fold the sheets at the end of the pillows.

Just do not cover the pillows with your blanket or heavy blanket because it will ruin the whole view.

You can then check if the whole setup is pleasing to your eyes as it should be then you are all set.


Where To Buy Pillows?

This question is one of the most asked questions. Buying pillows are not as simple as you think.

You will need to consider many things to purchase a pillow that would be best for your bed.

Considering the color and the size of the pillow, you should somehow find an excellent place to buy one.

If you want never-ending resources, you can shop online to purchase all the necessary things you want.

As for pillows, many companies and stores online can provide you good quality products at an affordable price.

But then again, if you want to have your pillows as soon as possible, you may purchase from stores near you.

At least you will no longer wait for a long time and no more shipping fee to shoulder.

The only loss you have is that you need to stick with the available stocks, colors, and sizes they have.

You might live in a city where you have so many malls to visit or even boutiques, that is a big advantage already.

Just remember that you will need two big pillows for the base. Also, the color must be white.

And then for the highlight, you need to have one that has a color of your choice and buy three of these.

If you are looking for a traveler’s pillow, this article is made for people like you.

That’s it!



Arranging pillows are not too easy, but we have helped you solve this problem today.

We hope that we have answered, “How to place pillows on a bed?” You can now have this as your basis.

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