How To Place Heater In Fish Tank? 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps You Should Try!

How to place heater in fish tank? The heater is usually placed where you find the filter outflow. Or put it at the bottom horizontally where there is significant water flow. A fish tank heater is an essential device for tropical fishes since they need a water tank with a specific temperature to thrive. The heater regulates the temperature in the aquarium.

Thus, if you plan to buy a pet fish, you must invest in such products to provide an ideal environment for your little friend. Regardless, as a fish owner, you must have a handful of knowledge about what fish accessories and devices to use to ensure good water quality and make the fishes live healthily and comfortably. Now that you have a bit of an idea about a fish tank heater let us discuss where to place one and its uses.

how to place heater in fish tank


What Is A Fish Tank Heater For?

Tropical fishes live off warm waters. That’s why tank heaters play a crucial role in aquariums with such fish. The fish tank heater keeps the water at a suitable temperature for tropical fishes to survive. Most tropical fishes prefer water temperatures between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23C-28C). Unless you live in the tropics, it’s unlikely to keep this temperature of the water. Some factors hinder the tank from maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the day.

If your aquarium’s water temperature isn’t regulated, your fish could face health issues.


Placing Heater in Fish Tank

How to place heater in fish tank? To know how to install your fish tank, refer to the product’s installation instructions. Check the manual that came with your fish tank heater. To protect the heater glass from cracking due to temperature fluctuations, keep it away from the walls or substrate. Regardless, here are the steps for installing different types of aquarium heaters:


Step #1. Preparing the unit

Choose a heater appropriate for the amount of water your fish tank holds. The heater must be big enough to heat the entire fish tank. Examine the product for any damage. Now that you have the proper heater set it to the required temperature, around 78F (26C). Use the dial to adjust the heat.


Step #2. Choose a suitable location

If you have a submersible heater, place the heater on the back wall horizontally inches above the tank’s bottom.

Use the suction cups provided by the manufacturer to stick them in the aquarium. Ensure that the heater does not touch the wall, plants, or decorations. As for hang-on heaters, you can attach them vertically to the tank’s sidewall. Make sure that the top part of the heater is not submerged in the water. And if you own an inline heater, you can place it in your tank filter. For a more detailed guide, here’s an article for you: Where is the best place to put a fish tank heater?


Step #3. Turn it on

For the submersible heater, leave it out of the tank for 15-30 minutes before you turn it on to allow the glass to adjust.

As for the rest of the heater, leave it on until the tank reaches your desired temperature. To monitor the changes, attach the thermostat opposite to your heater. Continue to check the temperature every four to six hours and check the thermostat until it reaches the right temperature. Once you ensure that the temperature is stable and appropriate for your tropical fish, you can place your fish in your tank. Check if your heater is working by reading this article: How do I know if my aquarium heater is working?


Different Fish Tank Heaters

As we mentioned above, there are different types of fish tank heaters: hang-on heaters, submersible heaters, and inline heaters. The installation differs for every kind of heater. So, make sure that you keep the manual of your product for specific instructions. Regardless, read on and learn more about your fish tank heater.


Submersible heater types

Submersible aquarium heaters are counted as some of the most effective types of fish tank heater since it is submerged in water. These heaters are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums and are available in various sizes for any tank. A submersible heater heats the water entirely since hot air rises. Its position is perfect for doing its job.


Hang-on heater types

This one is one of the most used heaters, made up of glass-encased heating components mounted on your aquarium’s back. Only that the heater may not equally distribute the heat for this type; hang-on heaters come with a twisting knob or dial to control temperature. Hang-on heaters are best for small tanks.

Regardless, it is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.


Inline heater types

The recommended type of heater to use would be an inline heater. This type heats the water coming in and out of the tank filter. It is an effective way of heating the water. Inline heaters are most typically utilized in saltwater tank sump systems, although you can also use them in freshwater tanks of any size.



That is all for “How to place heater in fish tank?” Once again, the installation would depend on what type of heater you bought. So, consult the seller or a fish keeper who knows how to install the specific fish tank heater. Before installing the heater, make sure that it is plugged off and clean. Take out the protective plastic that could contaminate the water. We hope that this article helped you learn to install fish tank heaters. Here’s “How to install aquarium heater?”  for a similar article.

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