How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa: 2 Ways

If you’re unsure how to place a rug under a sectional sofa, you only need to remember two positions. In this article, we will discuss the centered and asymmetrical placement of a rug under a sectional. Both offer style, and choosing between them will depend on the sectional, room, and existing decor.

Do you also happen to have a small space? Read this guide on how to arrange a sectional in a small room. It might be helpful before we proceed with these positioning tips and tricks. 

How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa


How Do You Place A Rug Under A Sectional Couch?



A classic way to place a rug underneath a sectional sofa is at the center. This means having the rug at the resulting angle or curve on your L-shaped sectional. Depending on its size, it can reach underneath the sofa’s front legs or directly before them to only cover beneath the coffee table. 

Another way to use the rug to unify the whole living room is to ensure that it is indeed centered in space. It should have an equal amount of space around it, whether it’s under the sofa table or between the two main sections of the sectional. 

But what if the sectional couch is small? You can still center the rug so that it reaches the front legs. If you want to place the rug underneath the coffee table, then make sure that the ends of the rug match the sectional ends. 



It can be challenging to find a rug that will extend beneath the sectional couch because of its massive size. The result will often be symmetrical, or only one end of the rug can reach further than the sectional. To make space look more complete and coherent, finish the sofa or corner of the rug with another item.

It can be something as tall as an indoor plant pot or any smaller furniture piece. You can even experiment with the rug’s position so it can have a side that will go underneath the sectional. Then, finish the space on the other end with tall vases or put a throw on the sofa that will extend on the floor. 

If the rug looks unbalanced, you can also place the couch table on the edge instead of the center. Do note that this method of styling the rug is not aiming to change the asymmetrical finish to something symmetrical. You only provide balance so space won’t look too empty on one side and the other disheveled randomly. 


How To Position A Rug With A Corner Sofa

Styling a corner sofa with a rug is best done in an equal ratio. This means having a smaller rug to fit at the sofa’s center, leaving only a tiny gap between them. Then, place a table between this rug, so all its feet are above it. 


What Size Rug Goes Under A Sectional Couch?

The size rug that should go under a sectional couch depends on the room and furniture itself. This means that an 8 by 10 feet rug, 9 by 12 feet rug, and 10 by 14 rug will all make excellent rug sizes for sectionals since they tend to range from 85 to 136 inches wide. If you are unsure of your sectional’s dimensions, now’s a good time to read these tips on measuring a sectional sofa with a wedge

Once you have a handful of choices, consider another factor to help you find the ideal size. A rule to remember is that a rug should be weighted down by two items when placed in the room. It should at least reach some sofa legs and the coffee table or the coffee table and another object such as a planter if you imagine the final layout.


Should An Area Rug Be Longer Than The Couch?

An area rug should cover an area from the name itself and therefore should be longer than the sofa. Even if the rug itself is pretty small, aim to get something even longer than the couch or at least the same length. Interior decorators recommend that an area rug should always extend under the key furniture pieces in the room, so it should reach even the front legs of the couch and another large item. 


How Far Should A Rug Go Under A Couch?

Ideally, the rug should be underneath all the couch legs and still extend beneath the other accent chairs or tables. The rug will typically have a space of six inches between the couch and another furniture piece. But if you don’t want to cram up the small room with an oversized rug, you can have the sofa against the wall and the rug underneath the front legs.



Finish the room by styling a sectional couch with a rug. To recap this guide on how to place a rug under a sectional sofa, you can place it at the angle of the furniture or in an asymmetrical position to be balanced by another large furniture piece. You also want the rug to be big enough to reach at least two pieces or have all the sectional legs above it. 

Overall, these guidelines are tried and tested in the interior decorating industry. But at the end of the day, you can always decorate the living room to your heart’s content. Do tell us how your room turns out in the comments!


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