How To Place A Rug Under A Bed? In 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to spice up your room’s aesthetic and asked yourself, “How to place a rug under a bed?”

It’s not that difficult. However, if your bed is heavy, you will undoubtedly need some help.

How to place a rug under a bed

To improve your bedroom’s layout, placing a rug under the bed will surely add more color and finesse.

We have prepared this article to guide you on picking the right rug size for your bed and how to place it.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Choosing The Right Rug Size For Your Bedroom

Before learning the steps of placing a rug under your bed, you still have to choose the rug with the correct size.

The rug dimensions mainly depend on your bedroom size and bed type:


For your small bedroom:

Familiarize yourself with the area of your bedroom. In a smaller space, it’s best to have a rug that is big enough to fill up the entire room nearly.

The rug should cover almost the entire floor surface with only about 5-7 inches gap from the edge of the rug to the wall.

Use the following dimensions as a guide for your preferred room layout.

Note: The smaller rug size would be best for a twin-size bed and the larger for a full-size bed.

  • A 4×6 ft (twin) and 5×8 ft (full) area rug fits the bottom two-thirds of the bed only;
  • 6×9 ft area rug includes the bed and the side table or nightstand. This size will also give you some extensions at the foot of the bed, which can fit a bench or a trunk; and
  • A 9×12 ft area rug can fit two twin-size beds! It can also incorporate a nightstand between the beds plus the benches or chests at the foot of each.


For your large bedroom:

A small rug for a large bedroom will throw off the space balance. Imagine if you will place a small rug under your king-size bed.

It will look like a doormat! Just kidding, I’m exaggerating.

Like in the small bedroom, choose a rug that will cover almost the whole surface of the bedroom’s floor.

There should be about an 8-10 inches gap between the edge of the rug and the wall.

Here is your guide for a more oversized bedroom:

Note: Most beds used in this ample space are full-size, queen-size, and king-size beds.

The smaller rug size would be best for a queen-size bed and the larger for a king-size bed.

  • 8×10 ft (queen) and 9×12 ft (king) area rug will fit the bottom two-thirds of the indicated bed types but will not include the nightstand;
  • 12×15 ft area rug will look balanced under a long king-size bed, which will even fit under the nightstands; and
  • There is a general rule of thumb that suggests that an area rug should extend at about 18- 24 inches from the edges of a queen or king-size bed.

Take into consideration the measurements of the various types of beds.

You may also need to consider the perfect color of the rug that will match your bedroom’s theme.


Positioning Your Rug Under The Bed

We have collected a list of helpful and easy steps on how to place a rug under a bed.

And here they are:


Step #1. Clean up your bedroom space

This step will ensure that there will be no hassle when you’re about to place your rug.

Put away all liftable furniture to the corner of your bedroom or somewhere that can still give you enough space to work freely.


Step #2. Roll up your rug

It is much easier to lay down your rug under the bed by unrolling it.

If its structure is disrupted after you purchased it, fix it by rolling the rug firmly again.

Execute this step in a spacious area to avoid disturbing fragile valuables in your surroundings.


Step #3. Install your rug

For this step, make sure that you will have enough people to help to elevate your bed.

So, ask for some help from your family members or someone who lives with you and is strong enough.

Even though your bed is not that heavy, you still need extra hands to lift your bed so that you will be able to roll it underneath.

Position yourself at the elevated foot of the bed to have enough access to expand the rug.

Once the foot of the bed is lifted, roll the rug facing upwards, which means that the vibrant color and pattern of the rug should not face the floor.


Step #4. Alterations and secure the rug in place

It would be best if you placed the foot of the bed back down after the rug is aligned perfectly underneath the bed.

Secure the rug using the frame legs at the end of the bed.

Do the same on the headboard area.

You may lift it to secure the upper part of the rug under the bed frame.

Ensure that all edges of the rug lay down flat on the floor to be no folds.


Step #5. Final touches

You may tidy up your room before bringing back other valuables and furniture.

Make sure to avoid staining your rug and clean it often.

It will be hard to scrub off all the piled-up dirt and unremovable stains.


Wrapping Up

Now, you’ve already known how to place a rug under a bed.

Including some guides to choose the perfect area for the rug size.

You can buy this at any hardware store.

And I’m sure your bedroom will look more vibrant and homely with this additional feature.

Let us know if this article helped you. And this one might also give you interest!

Nevertheless, thank you for stopping by!

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