How To Pick Wedding Colors: 5 Best Ways To Try

Those unsure of how to pick wedding colors can consider five ways to create the perfect wedding color palette. We will get inspired by the venue, desired mood, wedding season, and how you can use your taste and color decorating rules to get the best colors for the wedding. 

And since we’re on the topic of picking colors, you might also be planning the rest of your wedding. You can check out how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner to further help you prepare. 

how to pick wedding colors


How To Pick Wedding Colors: Create Your Dream Wedding Color Palette


Choose what’s suitable for the venue

The best way to choose wedding colors is by keeping the wedding venue in mind. The wedding venue is among the first elements you’ll find and secure when planning a wedding, so you can use the location you booked when creating a wedding color scheme. 

What are the existing features in the wedding venue, and what colors will complement them? For example, rustic wedding settings are best paired with neutral colors such as browns. 

You may also use the hues found in the location, such as flower colors if it’s an outdoor nature venue or the sea and sand colors if it’s a beach wedding. Indoor weddings will also have existing colors, so keep them in mind to avoid clashing decorations. 

Speaking of which, read how much is a wedding decorator if you don’t want to be responsible for beautifying the wedding venue. 


Make a palette according to your preferred mood for the wedding

The wedding’s color palette can affect the overall mood and ambiance of the wedding. Therefore, you can pick wedding colors according to your desired atmosphere on your special day. 

For example, a relaxed wedding ceremony can use light colors and pastel shades compared to a more dramatic wedding venue that uses bold colors. Intimate weddings can also use dark colors to create a personal feel, while it’s best to choose energetic colors if you want a lively reception, especially when it’s time to party. 

Do you know what is uplighting wedding? Choosing the colors for this wedding lighting system is very influential in setting the tone of your venue.  


Pick wedding colors according to the season

Weddings are best held in seasons that match the overall atmosphere and environment desired by the bride and groom. That being said, the season in which your wedding will be held can help when picking wedding colors. 

Think of the hues and tones that are apparent during the season of your wedding as they’re also likely to be seen around the venue. You can even use such colors when deciding on a color palette for the guests’ dress code. 

For example, a summer wedding can use warm colors such as reds and oranges, while a spring wedding can use greens, pinks, and floral colors. And if you don’t know yet what season your wedding will be, consider reading how to pick a wedding date


Use the wedding colors based on your personal taste

We all have favorite colors, and it’s perfectly acceptable to use them at our wedding. Just make sure that the combinations work according to the venue and ambiance you want for your wedding. 

Sit down with your partner and talk about the colors you love. From here, you can pick up to three colors that will work together. 

You may also have a dream wedding in mind, so why not share your imagined setting with your partner? The only consideration is to make sure that the colors compliment each other to avoid looking tacky


Find inspiration for your wedding color scheme

Wedding planning takes a year anyway, so you should have enough time to do your research about the best color combinations and those that are ideal for weddings. In addition, you can search through wedding magazines, blogs, and even social media posts for color scheme inspiration. 

If you already have a wedding theme in mind, you can also search for the colors that would be best for it. The venue you choose might even have a gallery of past weddings that you can check out. 

Finally, don’t hesitate to use a color wheel to pick your palette. A simple rule to remember is that opposite colors should pair nicely or those close together and share a primary color. 


What Is The Most Popular Wedding Color?

The most popular wedding color is the classic navy blue. It’s often seen not just in the suits and dresses of the wedding party and guests, but also around the venue and in cards and invites. 

But as time pass, more and more weddings are using interesting colors for their wedding color scheme over neutrals and monochromatic combinations. So it’s not surprising to see earth tones and pastel colors in the commonly used wedding colors list. 


How Many Colors Should You Have At Your Wedding?

A rule to remember when choosing wedding colors is to stick to three colors only to avoid a messy wedding look. Try pairing a light and dark color that goes well together and then adding a metallic accent color. 



Was this wedding color palette guide helpful? To recap how to pick wedding colors, use the venue, ambiance, season, personal taste, and external inspirations to create a color scheme. 

Then, choose three colors maximum to ensure that everything won’t look visually overwhelming or confusing. If you need more tips, try browsing our blog for specific wedding colors and what works with them. 

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