2 Easy Methods On How To Paint Over Water Damaged Ceiling

One of the things you need to know to fix water-damaged ceilings is to understand how to paint over water damaged ceiling. To paint over water-damaged ceilings, you have to first identify the root cause and fix it.

This article we wrote attempts to inform you about the steps you need to paint over a water-damaged ceiling, whether it is plaster or drywall. It will also help you choose what kind of paint you can use as paint.

how to paint over water damaged ceiling

We also included preventative measures to prolong your ceiling’s paint. Lastly, we wrote about insurance and whether painting costs can be included in your insurance claim.


Steps In Painting Over Water Damaged Ceiling

As said above, you should not paint over water-damaged ceilings. You have to dry it out and fix it first before proceeding with painting over it. Otherwise, painting over it would be counterproductive.

After you fix your ceiling, you can proceed with painting over it. We’ve included steps on how to paint over plaster and drywall ceiling in this part of the article.


Method #1. Painting over plaster ceiling

First, you have to know how to fix a plaster ceiling. First, you have to dry it out and then remove the damaged pieces.

Then, you have to fill the cracks and holes with mixed joint compounds. After the mixture has dried up, coat the area with a primer. Afterward, sand the area to smoothen the surface.

After sanding the ceiling, you can now proceed to paint it. Here are the steps:


Step #1. Add a primer

After sanding and removing the dust from the sanding process, apply a coat of primer on the affected area. Cover the new plaster ceiling and let it dry.

You can use a mist coat as a primer. This can help your paint stick to your ceiling. After applying the mist coat or the primer, let it dry.


Step #2. Apply paint

After the mist coat of primer has dried, you can now apply paint. We recommend you use waterproof paint because they last longer and prevent the growth of mold and fungi.


Method #2. Painting over drywall ceiling

Like with the plaster ceiling, you have to determine the root cause of your water damage to be able to paint over it. For drywall ceilings, you have to clean out the affected area first.

Cleaning involves moving furniture and removing the damaged pieces of the drywall ceiling. You can remove the broken pieces using a drywall saw. Then, measure and cut plywood strips to replace the damaged part of the ceiling.

After measuring and cutting, attach the plywood strips to the ceiling hole and secure them. You can use plasterboard screws to ensure the parts. Then, apply joint compound on the joined areas.

After that, use drywall mesh tape to cover the joint compound. Smooth it out and then apply another layer of joint compound.

Sand, the layer of joint compound, then apply another layer. Then, leave it out to dry before painting.

After fixing your drywall ceiling, you can proceed with painting. Here are the steps:


Step #1. Apply primer

Apply at least two layers of primer on the newly fixed drywall ceiling before painting. Use oil- or alcohol-based primer instead of a water-based one, which is what you use for plaster ceilings. Then, let the primer dry.


Step #2. Apply paint

After letting the primer dry, paint the drywall matching the color of the other parts of your ceiling. You can also use waterproof paint to prolong your paint’s lifespan.


What products can you use for a water-damaged ceiling?


Interior latex primer

Since water-damage involves stains, you may want to change your ceiling’s color. An interior latex primer can help with that as it improves the adhesiveness of your paint. Also, it is always necessary to prime your ceilings first before painting.


Latex paint

You can use latex paint for a water damaged ceiling since they are cheap and are durable, as far as paints on the ceiling go. They also do not crack or peel as often as their counterparts.


White paint

White paint sounds basic, but simple is not always bad. It is actually an excellent go-to color when you are indecisive about your paint color decisions.

They also go well with any color and amplify light in a room, making it seem like the room is more significant than it really is. Also, it is easy to identify if your ceiling has a leak if you have a white ceiling.


Is paint a part of your insurance coverage in water damage? 

Typically, insurance companies cover water damage from ceiling leaks. However, it depends on the policies of your insurance company if your insurance covers your painting costs regarding a water-damaged ceiling.

It is best to contact your lawyer first so you can make a proper insurance claim on your insurance company.



We have shown you two types of how to paint over water damaged ceiling, but their common denominator is they have to be fixed first. Dry them out first and remove the old, damaged parts before painting them.

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