How To Paint Metal Baseboard Heater Covers? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to paint metal baseboard heater covers? Read this article and follow these quick steps in painting your heater. Let your heater look more attractive, remove all the rusts build-up or faded color of your heater, and make it look new and appealing by painting them. 

As years pass by, every painted or cover on the device fades. Primarily, rust and dirt build-up cause this. Aside from cleaning them regularly to last longer and maintain the heater’s performance, it’s also good to manage them to make them look good and presentable, especially if you are planning or just repainted the walls inside the house, right?

Some space heaters are okay to be painted, like baseboard or wall heaters, unlike any other heaters. Like the covers, made out of metal, can easily paint. Are you ready to start painting, my friend? Then, let’s dive in!


Tips In Painting Baseboard Heater

You should know tips aside from learning how to paint metal baseboard heater covers. These tips will help you manage it quicker and easier and handle the common questions homeowners like you want to ask. One common question was, “Do I need to buy a high heat paint to use in my heater?” well, no.

Ordinary paints can handle 250 to 300 degrees of heat, making them good to use in your heater. Then, you need to remove all dirt and rust before painting the cover to help you paint smoothly, prevent dirt from sticking in the heater’s paint and prevent the rust from spreading. It would be best to use metal primer for better appearance and for the color to last longer.


Steps To Paint Metal Baseboard Heater Covers

There are two things why you need to paint your heater. First, you want it to look better than it was, and second, you want to prevent the rust from spreading on the covers and causing more damage o the surface. No matter what you’re the reason for painting your heaters, you need to learn how to paint your heater correctly and repaint them in the future if you need. But before you begin painting, you need to decide if you will use spray paint or manually do it by hand.

In painting your heater, you will require the paint (color as you desire), paintbrush, metal primer, steel wool, fine sandpaper grit, and old newspaper or cloth. Are you ready? Read and follow the steps carefully. 


Step #1. Ready the heater covers

Turn off the power source of your baseboard heater and remove the covers. Place a newspaper or cloth on a flat surface and place the body. Remove all the dirt by wiping cloth or using a blower, and wipe out the rust by brushing steel wool. The paper or fabric will help you to clean up faster. Use sandpaper to remove the old paint on the covers until you remove them. It’s better to use fine sandpaper, as it is easier to polish the metal covers.


Step #2. Applying metal primer

After thoroughly cleaning your covers, you need to put a metal primer in your covers. A metal primer will help the paint stick well into the metal and cover the scratches, rusts, and uneven surfaces in your covers. Note that if you do not apply a metal primer to the cover, paint tends to be flaky and would not stick well to the metal’s surface. That is why applying primer is a must. Apply the primer at least two coats. Some metals primers are also in spray bottles or painted with a brush, and you can choose which you prefer the most.


Step #3. Painting the covers

Now that you have successfully cleaned and applied primer to your heater covers, it’s time to paint them! Some homeowners use the same color of paint in their baseboard heaters but know that you can if you like to have blue, red, or other colors! But, when choosing a paint color, you must also consider the color of the walls inside your house. It will help you choose the best or ideal color to use in painting the covers.

If you have paint, then let’s start! Place an old newspaper on a flat surface and place your covers on it. The newspaper will protect your floor or surface from dripping paints. Then, place your covers and paint the baseboard covers on each side. After you paint one side, allow the paint to dry and paint the other side of the heater cover. Do the same method on other baseboard covers. After painting all the sides of the heater’s cover, you can place it back on the heater and turn it on! You may also be interested to know what to know before painting a baseboard heater cover.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that this article answers your question on how to paint metal baseboard heater covers, you can now paint your baseboard covers at home and save money from buying new covers and service fees. In a snap, you can paint and change the color of your heater and protect it from rusts that make it dull and look better than it used to be or good as new. You may also want to read about how close can furniture be to a baseboard heater and how to replace baseboard heater cover.

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