How To Paint Iron Bed? 2 Best Ways!

Do you know how to paint iron bed? If not yet, then you’ve just come to the right place.

Probably, your bed may be unclean, rusty, or unsightly.

how to paint iron bed

Don’t fret, my friends, even if the bed frame you’ve bought at a flea market or yard sale comes with these defects.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly a few paint coatings can change into a restored work of art.

The devil, just like with several painting tasks, is in the details of the crucial prep work required to achieve a high-quality and durable paint result.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Paint Iron Bed

My friends, there are two methods on how to paint iron bed.

Each of these methods has steps that you can follow with ease.

Will you spray paint or hand paint? It all depends on you!


Spray Painting Iron Bed

Here are the steps to spray paint your iron bed:


Step #1. Setting up the bed

Now, you should set up the bed on a wide drop cloth.

If I were you, I would do the work on the grass.

Not only it saves time, but it also ensures cleanliness.

Just come to imagine the mess if you should do it inside your house.

Also, it is best to go on a day when there’s little or no wind; a sunny day is an ideal day.

Because you’ll most likely have to paint around the frame, you’ll want to avoid overspray.


Step #2. Removing any rust

With the use of a wire brush, get rid of any rust from the iron bed.

If the space is tight, small, or awkward, you can get an old toothbrush to clean such.


Step #3. Sanding the bed frame

Get low-grit sandpaper; use this to sand your cast-iron bed.

If the job becomes too challenging, you can always switch to sandpaper with a medium-grit.

Moreover, you can use your old toothbrush and wrap it with a piece of sandpaper.

Use a rubber band to fasten it at the base; you to tackle small spaces.


Step #4. Washing the bed frame

Get a soft sponge and water.

Make sure that the water is sudsy and warm.

Use these things to clean your bed frame.

Dry it with a clean rug, or leave it to dry in the heat.


Step #5. Applying the primer

Get plastic gloves; use these to protect your hands.

It’s now time to prime the bed frame using a primer.

Don’t forget that when you prime, do so with a thin coat.

When spraying, maintain eight to 10 inches of distance.

Do the work up down left to right.

Don’t omit the primer since it will act as a bonding agent between the paint and the cast iron.

After you’ve applied the primer, give it some time to dry.


Step #6. Painting the bed frame

Paint the bed with the first layer of paint.

Instead of stopping to “push” paint into a certain area of the frame, make sure that your hand go softly and continuously.

Here’s what you should prefer:

Two light coats of paint.

That being said, avoid having one thick coat.

Make sure you apply the second coat as smoothly and neatly.


Step #7. Coating it with a spray varnish

Allow for thorough drying of the first layer before applying the second.

If necessary, you can furnish it with a coat of spray varnish.


Painting Iron Bed

Use a brush to paint your bed frame; this is especially useful if you suffer from a respiratory condition.

Remember that it could be worse by inhaled spray fumes or particles.

If you’re painting a design, you’ll want to use a brush to paint the frame.

Hand painting will provide you with finer detail and greater coverage, for sure.

Here are the steps to paint your metal bed frame with a brush:


Step #1. Preparing the bed frame

To prepare the bed frame for the painting, follow the steps outlined above.


Step #2. Brushing a primer

Now, it’s time to apply a coat of metal paint primer with a brush.

In order for you to avoid drips and runs, try to use smooth strokes if possible.

Just remember not to overwork your paintbrush.


Step #3. Drying the surface

Before flipping over the frame, allow for drying time.

Once dried, you can paint the other side.

Then again, leave to dry.


Step #4. Second coating

Use a steady, smooth stroke with an oil or acrylic-based paint for iron to ensure no runs and drips.

Allow the pieces to dry completely on one side before flipping them over and painting the other.


Step #5. Coating

Once the first coating has dried, repeat the process.

Understand the label for information on the period to wait between layers.

With some colors, it may require a third coating.


Step #6. Adding features

After drying the last coating, add features like stripes or flowers and let them dry.


Step #7. Brushing the small things

Using a brush, it’s time to paint the heads of bolts and screws.

If you wish to, you can use this method to add more features.


Step #8. Coating a sealer

Once all of the paint layers have dried, put a clear paint sealer.


Step #9. Reassembling

My friends, before you should reassemble the frame, make sure that the sealer is dried up.


A Few Suggestions

Make sure you have different sizes of paintbrush so that you can efficiently paint all areas of your bed frame;

Using a stiff and sturdy brush, you can get rid of rust and dirt;

Use polish to ensure utmost protection of your bed frames; use this as an alternative to clear sealant; and

Bolts or screws that are already damaged or worn out can be replaced.

Now, these are the ways on how to paint iron bed!

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