How To Paint An Iron Bed? 2 Easy Process!

Many of us have an odd bed frame that we wanted to restore, but how to paint an iron bed?

This post will serve as your guide in painting your iron bed.

In addition, we will be providing you with a step-by-step tutorial.

Plus, we will also touch on the things that you must avoid when painting your iron bed.

So without further ado, let us get into it!

Process To Paint An Iron Bed

So, how to paint an iron bed?

Let us divide the process into two.

The first will include the steps you need to take during preparation.

While the second part will talk about the painting process itself.


Part #1. Preparation

What’s good about painting an iron bed is that it can be easily accomplished.

Plus, the materials are very affordable.

More so, you only need to paint the outside of the bed frame, so minimal cleaning is required.

Follow the steps below.


Step #1. Choosing a spot to do the work

It would help if you painted somewhere that is well ventilated.

The spot must also be dust-free.

It is even ideal to paint outdoors on a sunny day.


Step #2. Preparing the things that you will need

You will need bricks, a ladder, and old crates to propping up the iron frame while you are painting.


Step #3. Disassembling the bed frame

In disassembling the frame of the bed.

It would help if you stored any bolts and nuts in a tiny container to find them later.


Step #4. Cleaning the frame of the bed

It would help if you washed the bed frame using detergent and hot water.

Then, wipe the bed frame until it dries.


Step #5. Sanding

Get sandpaper and use it to sand the surface of the be light.

Just use fine and not coarse sandpaper.

It is necessary to remove the old paint; just roughen its surface so that the paint will bond correctly.

Then vacuum it afterward to get rid of any dust.


Part #2. Painting Process

It is recommended to use a spray can when painting an iron bed.

Get the color that you like from a paint shop or hardware in your local area.

Remember to give ample time for every coat from one side to completely dry before you proceed to the other side.

Keeping all that in mind, let us now get into the steps in painting the iron bed.


Step #1. Keeping the bed frame off the ground

Use crates or any other support when painting the frame.


Step #2. Applying the primer

Make sure to shake the can of the primer first before the application.

After you finish painting, make sure that the nozzle is clean by spraying until only air is blown.


Step #3. Applying the final paint

If the primer coating is already dry, repeat the same process to apply the final paint.

Add one or two more coats when necessary.


Step #4. Reassemble the iron bed

Make sure that the paint is fully dry before you reassemble your bed.

It is ideal to wait for a day so that the fumes will dissipate completely.


Common Mistakes To Avoid As You Paint Your Iron Bed

Below are the common mistakes that are to be avoided when painting your iron bed.

It is best to be aware of them now before you start with your project.


Mistake #1. Fail to use cloth in getting rid of dust and dirt

It would be best to use a cloth to wipe down the frame as a part of the preparation for painting.

If you use paper towels, there is a chance that some debris and dust will still be left on the frame.

This might also happen if you use a lint-free cloth.

It is best to use tack cloth so that everything will be removed.


Mistake #2. Not disassemble the bed frame

If the frame can be disassembled and assembled again, why not do it?

Doing this will make the painting process even easier for you.

You will be able to paint each corner as well as the flat surfaces evenly.

However, it also means that you will need more space when painting.


Mistake #3. Wrong color choice

It would not be delightful if you finish the painting.

You realized that you got the wrong color choice for your bed.

A lot of experts recommends to avoid painting your bedroom with heavily saturated colors like red, bright green, and orange.

For the reason that those colors might make the room look chaotic and mess up.

That also applies to your bed. Avoid using such colors when painting it.

But in case you have painted your bed the wrong color, you can start again.

For sure, you can get it done faster this time.


It’s A Wrap!

It is fulfilling to do some DIY projects.

Now that you know how to paint an iron bed, you can make your weekend productive with another project.

Just remember that beautiful things take time.

So do not rush so that mistakes will be avoided. Otherwise, you may catch yourself in a mess.

Best of luck with your project!

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