How To Paint A Wooden Chair In 2 Easy Steps For Beginners

The process on how to paint a wooden chair is not as hard as you expected. You can still redecorate and redesign your furniture even if you’re not a pro. Continue reading this article for an easy guide on how to furnish your wooden chair.


how to paint a wooden chair

Painting Your Wooden Chair


Step #1. Preparation 

Your chairs may have been stocked in your basement or used for a long time. Make sure to get a wet cloth and soap to clean your furniture. Eliminate any dirt, dust, or debris that may be hiding somewhere in your chair.

Then, you may opt to sand the wood to have a smoother painting area. If the damages can’t be managed by sanding, you may try using wood putty. However, this is not required if you already feel confident about the smoothness of your chair.

Once done, you may now proceed to the actual painting. Just don’t forget to put your chair on top of an old cloth or newspaper to avoid spilling while painting.


Step #2. Painting

Initially, it would be best if you first decided on the color combination you want. Afterward, apply a primer around the whole chair. Make sure that you don’t leave a spot uncovered.

Immediately after drying, apply your desired paint. Don’t apply heavy coating; instead, use a repeated light coating. Finish your project with a final touch of a protective clear coat.


Can you paint furniture without sanding?

Sanding is one of the most time-consuming procedures before painting on wood. Aside from this, it is also messy and tiring to do. Nonetheless, would you believe that easier ways can replace this troublesome task?

Alternatively, you could use chalk paint instead of your usual wood paint. It is possible because chalk paints can be effective on all furniture that did not undergo the sanding process. Also, this paint is also one of the crowd favorites since it only requires very little preparation time from you.

Another escape from sanding is by using mineral paint. Its features are almost like that of chalk paint. At the same time, it sticks to any surface and protects your furniture from stains and water.

The use of milk paints is also advisable. Create a mixture of this paint and a bonding agent. It would provide you with an easy and hassle-free coating.

Utilizing the use of bonding primers is also effective. You just need to make sure that you buy proven and quality primers. If you did, rest assured that your paint will stick to your product.

Lastly, one of the least known alternatives is the use of deglosser. Although it is easy to apply through brushing, it is best done outdoors due to the unwanted smell it produces.


What Type of Paint Do You Use For A Wooden Chair? 

Now that you know the painting process, you might as well know which type of paint to use. Remember that the paint provides full vibrance to your furniture. Therefore, you must become very delicate and careful in choosing what paint is best for your wooden chair.

You have to consider three types of paints: latex, oil, and acrylic paint. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks. As you read on, we will be clarifying the gaps among these paint types.

Latex paint is your go-to paint. This type is available in almost all construction or hardware stores around you. More importantly, it also offers a wide range of colors that are available in different volumes.

Oil paint is characterized as long-lasting. It does not get scratched easily and may be applied to almost all types of surfaces. However, these features correspond to a high price point.

Acrylic paint dries in a short span of time. You can also apply it in several surface types like oil paint. However, unlike latex paint, acrylic paints only come in small sizes.


Should I Use A Brush Or Roller When Painting? 

To maximize the paints you bought, you must know the suitable material for your paint and your furniture. So are you Team Brush or Team Roller when it comes to painting?

First off, you may want to consider that a particular piece of furniture demands a different attack when painting. Furniture varies in size, textures, and forms. Thus, your painting materials should also adjust to your furniture.

Brushes come in different sizes. They are usually used in areas where flexibility is needed, like the edges or corners. It is advisable to use brushes on small and detailed furniture.

Rollers offer consistent flat coats. You don’t waste much on rollers since it spreads out paints evenly. It is also preferred to be used on big furniture.



You can always give a new life to your worn-out furniture. Knowing how to paint a wooden chair is one of the routes towards that goal. Just remember that each material has its corresponding use.

At the same time, don’t forget to have fun while doing the work!

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