How To Paint A Wooden Bed Frame? 5 Easy Steps!

If you want to transform your frame, you will need to know how to paint a wooden bed frame.

Your old-fashioned bed can become cheerful and bright with the help of the paint.

how to paint a wooden bed frame

If you further match it with good quality linens of coherent shade, you can achieve great results.

Before anything else, you need to gather the things that you will need for this project first.

It includes the following:

  • Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Paintbrush
  • Sanding block
  • Damp rug
  • Bedding
  • Liners
  • Paint container


Types of Finish

In the matter of painting wooden bed frames, you can achieve different finishes.


#1. Eggshell

This type of finish has a color that is alike to that of an eggshell. Its sheen is also low.


#2. Satin

The satin finish offers a muted finish with a medium sheen.


#3. Gloss

As compared to other finishes, this will give your furniture a high sheen.


5 Steps To Paint A Wooden Bed Frame

Are you ready?

Let us now start painting your wooden bed frame!

Follow these steps on how to paint a wooden bed frame:


Step #1. Look for an open working area

You should move the bed to your working areas such as in your garage or basement, for example.


Step #2. Sanding

The sanding requirement will depend on your bed frame condition.

Just make sure to wipe off the dust using a damp rag after you sand the whole bed.


Step #3. Applying paint primer

In painting the bed frame, you can use different methods. You can either utilize a paintbrush, paint sprayer, or small roller.

Choose whichever method you prefer to use.

Start applying the first coating of the primer and allow it to dry for about an hour. After it dries, apply the second coating.

Make sure that the first coat dried out completely.

Or else, there will be a higher risk that the first coating you applied will be pulled into the tacky spots.

The two coats of primer are important since they will prevent the wood from bleeding when you apply the paint.

This will also provide a durable base if you opt to apply paint with a satin finish.


Step #4. Applying the paint

Among the various types of finish, the satin sheen is more recommended for wooden frames.

It is more durable and has a minor luster.

Just like with the primer, apply the first coating of the paint and wait for an hour before you apply the second coating.

Be careful when painting spindles or slats because there may be drips.

After you apply the second coat, leave the bed frame to dry for a day.


Step #5. Assemble the wooden bed frame

Bring back the bed frame in your room and assemble it.

And, you’re done! You can already put back the mattress and dress the bed.

Then, you will see a huge difference that paint brings.

The room will become cozier than it usually is.


What To Avoid When Painting A Wooden Bed Frame

When you are painting your wooden bed frame, you need to avoid some things to minimize errors.


#1. Not using a cloth in removing dirt and dust

Some use paper towels in wiping down their bed frame but it may leave some dust and debris.

The same is true with lint-free cloths.

As such, it would be better to use a tack cloth to ensure that all the dirt will be picked up.


#2. Selecting the incorrect color

What is more frustrating than finishing the job just to find out that the color is not right for your frame.

Of course, you can just repaint it again, but it will take effort and time.

It is recommended by experts that you avoid using colors that are heavily saturated such as orange, bright green, and red in decorating your bedroom.

That is because it will disrupt the serenity of the room.

Correspondingly, it is also empirical to avoid those colors in painting the bed frame.


#3. Not disassembling the wooden bed frame

If the bed frame can be disassembled, then do so. It can make the entire process way easier for you.

All the corners and flat surfaces will be fully pointed this way.

But you have to take note that if you do this, you will need more space for the project.


#4. Underestimation of the cost

If you think that painting is not costly, that might not be the case.

Little costs will add up and you will just realize somehow that you already have spent that much.

Earlier in this post, we have listed the things that you will need for this project.

And if you did not have them at hand, then you will need to buy most of them.


It’s A Wrap!

How to paint a wooden bed frame?

Completing this project can be very rewarding.

Note, however, that the result that you will achieve will vary depending on the preparation you did on the frame.

You must now skip those preparatory steps and just paint the wooden bed frame straight ahead.

Cleaning the frame before applying the paint is necessary.

You also need to assess its condition and see whether or not it will crack with the paint.

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