3-Step Guide On How To Paint A Leather Chair With Ease

We’ll show you how to choose the best leather paint and guide you on how to paint a leather chair. With easy-to-use leather paint, you can restore an old piece of furniture into a trendy show-stopper.

You may be in a dilemma of saving what’s left of your chair, or maybe just in the mood of turning it into something new and different. Anything that is still functional is always worth restoring and saving.

how to paint a leather chair

Through this informative article, we will help you know how to paint your leather chair and the basic information you need to know!


How Do You Paint A Leather Chair? 

The same old colors of leather may bore you on days when you want something vibrant. If you’re weary of the hue of your leather chair and enjoy a new color palette to match your place, you may consider saying goodbye to your old shade of black.

Did you know leather paint can be used on practically any form of leather? This is to repair or modify its color or apply some amusing designs. It’s simple and not too costly if you are aiming to save some money.


Materials You Will Need 

To paint your leather chair, you will need an alcohol-based cleaner, a soft cloth, a painter’s tape, old newspapers or drop cloth, and the fabric and vinyl spray paint with a color of your choice.


Step #1. Prepare and wash

Prepare the materials you need and put them all in one place. Wash the leather chair gently and thoroughly using an alcohol-based cleaner and brush it with a soft cloth.

Make sure not to damage the leather as you remove dirt, oil, grease, and stains. After making sure that the chair is clean, allow it to dry for at least an hour.


Step #2. Tape the chair

Add painter’s tape to the area that you need to avoid painting. Make sure to apply the tape even in the small areas as this may affect the finished product.

You also need to consider the place you will be painting it. It needs to be well-ventilated with enough space for you to move.


Step #3. Painting process

Before you begin painting, place the chair in the old newspapers or on a disposable dry cloth. The size should be larger than the chair. Next, shake the paint for a minute.

You may now begin applying the paint slowly with at least 6 inches away from the chair. It will help in reducing the chances of paint runs. After painting the whole chair or the areas, you’d like to paint, allow it to dry for an hour or two before applying the second coat.

Then, let it dry for at least 4 hours. You can repeat the process until the third coat to achieve your desired color. After this, you can remove the painter’s tape carefully.


What kind of paint can be used on leather?

There are different types of leather paint that you can use. Leather paint, which is a courant that is specifically designed to attach to leather, is available in a variety of colors, kinds, and finishes.

Acrylic, metallic, pearlescent, paint markers and spray paint are just a few of the options. Leather paint finishes aid in sealing and protecting the painted surface and keeps the water and stain proof.

Leather spray paint can be used on various surfaces, including leather, vinyl, and plastic. It can be used to rejuvenate or change the color of any of these surfaces, depending on their condition. Furthermore, if done correctly, it will appear natural and will not peel or rub off.

Paints that are applied with a brush, as well as spray paints, are available. The majority of these paints are acrylic in composition. You may also use paint markers to add details to your project.


What is the best paint to use on leather furniture?

There are a few varieties of paint that are specifically designed to be used on leather. Acrylic leather paints are considered water-solvent paints. They are easy to mix and can be washed and reapplied quickly.

If you are aiming for a metallic finish, you may choose metallic leather paint. It produces a glossy look with long-lasting colors. If not, you may select using pearlescent leather paints that give a range of sheen.

If you, however, prefer something durable, you may choose to use a leather dye. It seeps into the fabric and is resistant to fading and cracks, dust, fading, and stains.



Knowing how to paint a leather chair is easy and doable. Just remember to consider the steps and to be patient since it needs a lot of waiting. We also advise you to buy extra paints in case.

It is also advisable to cover your face and nose to protect yourself. You will need to choose carefully what type of paint you are going to use. Be creative and be ready to finally say goodbye to your old and rusty chair.

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