How To Paint A Fabric Chair With Chalk Paint In 5 Easy Steps

Get ready to paint and prepare your brush, for here’s the five steps how to paint a fabric chair with chalk paint at home! Painting your fabric chair into perfection is made easy with this DIY procedure we’ve prepared for you.

If you think that your fabric chair lacks lushness and looks old, and you’re considering getting something new? Then why not take your time and try to repaint that chair to your recent taste. Not only did you save money, but you will also learn something new.

how to paint a fabric chair with chalk paint


Painting Fabric Chair With Chalk Paint

As easy as it can get, here are 5 steps to paint your fabric chair with chalk paint:


Step #1. Prepare

Before anything else, you must prepare everything; your painting materials such as brushes, tapes and bucket, chalk paint, chair, and most importantly, the area you will be painting. You don’t want unnecessary stains on your floor, so at least move to an open space or cover your floor with something.

Also, when you prepare your chair, clean it out first. Bush away or vacuum the dust and lint that may hinder the paint application. Dust and lint will prevent the paint from entirely sticking to your chair’s fabric and will clearly result in a mess.


Step #2. Mark out

Now you are ready to start the painting process, but first, you must mark the areas you will not apply paint to and cover them with tape. You will use the tape that would block out the color and prevent it from seeping in and staining the area you marked out.

Place your tape accordingly and appropriately. Make sure that the areas are completely safe from paint stains.


Step #3. Mix your paint

After marking the areas, you can now start the painting process. Prepare your chalk paint.

Mix it in your bucket or tray thoroughly. You can add a tiny bit of water to the chalk paint mixture or prepare it separately.

You’ll also need to dampen your chair when painting, so prepare it beforehand. Dampening the chair will result in the paint sticking much easier.


Step #4. Paint

Now it’s time to paint. Start from the top when painting; this would help you see its progress better and ensure a neat application. When applying the chalk paint with a different water mixture, dip the brush in the water first before dipping it in the chalk paint mixture and wipe the excess off the brush in your tray or bucket.

Apply thin coats of chalk paint to the chair’s fabric to ensure an even application. Paint thoroughly without leaving any area unpainted.

If your chair got some creases, make sure to paint that area as well. Apply multiple coats throughout the process.

Check if there are unpainted areas. If there’s none, then let sit and dry.


Step #5. Finish

Now that you are done with painting, it’s time to finish things up. One of the finishing touches suggested is refining the paint using fine sandpaper appropriate to fabric materials. This would help you remove uneven areas due to paint and would smoothen the surface.

After refining the surface, it’s time to apply your wax and sealant. This would help you get a softer texture and preserve the newly applied paint for a very long time.

There you go! One beautifully painted fabric chair of your own.


How to seal chalk paint on fabric

There are many ways for you to seal the chalk paint on your newly painted fabric chair. The first one would be sun-drying, wherein you just let it out in the open and leave the sun to do all the necessary work. Just don’t let it sit for too long there because it might cause unnecessary change to your painted chair.

The other method is to hot iron the newly painted chair. Ironing the fabric will allow you to fully heat treat the surface of the painted chair. This is also the same with tumbling, but this method is suggested if the chair is not yet upholstered.

The last method is to apply a soft wax. This is not ideal for fabrics such as cotton, but some use this as a seal for their newly painted fabric chairs.

Sealing the paint on your chair is really essential so always consider doing this because it’s beneficial in preserving the color on the chair. It’s always best to consider the type of fabric you are working on so that you can have the optimum result.


How to soften chalk painted fabric

Softening the fabric is relatively easy. All you need is sandpaper and a wax solution.

For the sandpaper, a 220-grit sandpaper is quite lovely to use. After painting and drying the chair’s fabric, lightly sand the surface to ensure a smooth and softcover.

Blow excess dust and wipe the surface with a wet rag after. You’re not required to do this every coating. This is a finishing step that must be done last.

After sanding the surface apply your wax solution to ensure a perfectly smooth finish for your fabric chair.



Now that you have gained insights on how to paint a fabric chair with chalk paint, why not try it sometime? It may take practice, but in the end, your efforts would surely pay. Painting your fabric chair is easy as long as you have the right tools and the proper knowledge for the job.

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