How To Paint A Bed Frame? In 6 Easy Steps!

How to paint a bed frame?

Bed frames provide support to your mattress or beddings.

There will come a point where you’ll think it needs a touch of repainting.

Probably because the paint has worn out or you prefer another color.

It sounds so tempting to go to painting straight away with all your determination of doing the job.

However, there are a group of concerns you need to address first.

You need to make necessary preparations beforehand.

You also need to consider the condition of your bed frame before painting.

This article will give you steps on how to paint your bed frame, whether wood or metal.

From the preparation of your bed frame to the actual painting.

Read on, my painting buddy!


Preparing Your Bed Frame

So, how to paint a bed frame?

In painting your bed frame, consider the following steps below for your preparation:


Step #1. Cleaning and removing paints and rust in the bed frame

Clean the frame for any dust present using a cloth.

Sand the surface and use a mild detergent to wash the dust if it cannot be removed by the cloth.

Use a dry cloth to remove the water and other excess dirt on the surface.

In peeling the paint, you can use a sander, scraper, or a wire brush.

You must peel the old paint so that the new paint will stick better in the frame.

Other people prefer not to sand their wooden bed frames before painting.

Instead, you can use liquid sandpaper.

If it is a metal bed frame, sand the surface where the rust is present

You can also apply rust-inhibitive primer.


Step #2. Fixing the frame

Some bed frames have dents and holes due to usage.

You need to fix this first before painting.

Sand the area first and apply some degreaser.

In smaller holes, you can inject epoxy-based composite.

Epoxy fillings must be used for larger holes.


Step #3. Priming

Priming the surface is important to ensure that the paint lasts on the surface.

It also prevents dirt and rust from immediately forming.

For iron and steel bed frames, use iron oxide and zinc chromate primers.

Use galvanized primer for aluminum frames.


Steps To Paint A Bed Frame

First, consider what type of paint is appropriate for your bed frame.

You can either use oil-based paint or water-based acrylic paint.

For wooden bed frames, alkyd oil-based paint is most preferable.

People with a sensitive respiratory system may use paintbrushes instead of spray paints


Step #1. Dismantle the bed frame

This is only applicable to metal bed frames as wooden bed frames need not disassembling.

Remove the nuts, bolts, and other parts and keep them in one place to avoid misplacing them.


Step #2. Add the primer

Apply a primer especially for metal bed frames that are new or in a bad condition.

Leave the primer to dry for about 10 minutes in preparation for the first coating.


Step #3. Paint the bed frame

Once the primer is dry, you can start painting the bed frame.

Maintain a distance of 8 to inches from the bed frame if you’re spraying.

Keep moving while spraying to avoid dripping.

If you’re using a paintbrush, use smooth strokes from right to left.


Step #4. Add a second coat

When the first coat is dry, add another coat.

Cover other areas not painted in the first coating.


Step #5. Add a third coat

For a softer finish, add a third coat when the second coating is dry.

Check the corners and other parts to make sure that all surfaces are covered or no excess paint has formed.

Also, paint the nuts and bolts if you are painting a metal bed frame.


Step #6. Do the finishing touches

For a wooden bed frame without sanding, apply some wax to help maintain the color and prevent debris from getting in.

For metal bed frames, reassemble the bed.

Finally, paint a coat of sealer for a more polished look.


Things To Remember When Painting Your Bed Frame

Even after some preparation, there are still situations where errors cannot be avoided.

The reminders below will help you note important matters to successfully paint your bed frame.


#1. Cost

Painting your bed frame might seem to be an easy task until you started calculating how much it will cost.

The first thing you have to remember is not underestimating the cost.

You will need a roller, roller cover, paintbrush, undercoat paint, main paint, sandpaper, sealer, cloth, and some sheets to prevent paint from getting on other furniture.

You may opt to use spray paints or liquid sandpaper.


#2. Color

You don’t want to ruin this project just because you chose the wrong color.

A rule in painting your bedroom is to avoid high saturated colors like red or orange because it is not calming.

You can apply the same thing in painting your bed frame.


#3. Disassembling the frame

Disassembling the frame can take more of your time.

However, it can help you a lot in painting the surfaces more evenly.

Remember not to damage any parts of the bed frame while disassembling.



How to paint a bed frame?

Painting your bed frame is a worthwhile task.

You need to consider the right steps and materials to use.

Keep also in mind things that you need to avoid and remember to successfully paint your bed frame.

You can check this link for other information.

Happy painting!

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