How To Pack A Pillow In A Suitcase? 6 Easy Tips!

Are you planning to hit a road trip, an extended vacation, or moving into a new home and wondering how to pack a pillow in a suitcase for your long-awaited move?

Start by packing at the bottom with the pillow first. For there is more room for other stuff, you can use moving bags, or you can roll or fold the pillow up.

how to pack a pillow in a suitcase

Staring an empty suitcase would be exciting but at the same time thinking how you would pack a pillow in it.

Pillows can be bulky and may seem to be pretty annoying, for they could occupy a lot of space and no more room left for other important stuff.

Lucky for you, there is a lot of tips and tricks to pack a pillow without a hassle and would make you realize that pillow is one of the most comfortable household items to pack!


Tips On To Pack A Pillow For Travelling Or Moving

Packing may be a little bit tricky, so here are some tips on how to pack a pillow in a suitcase and how to pack a pillow for moving:


Tip #1. Use a vacuum bag

There are many types and tricks in packing but using a vacuum bag is a brilliant way to use it.

Vacuum seal bags are a more affordable and very effective way of investing your money. 

Shrinking down the pillow’s volume for much space to save and for more things to fit in a suitcase or to your luggage bag and boxes.

How to do it? Merely filling the vacuum bag with your pillow and reducing the volume by getting the air out of it.

Other manufacturers claimed that they produce a product that can significantly reduce 80% of a pillow volume.

Whether it is true or not, shrinking a pillow by using vacuum storage is certainly a thing that could take less space in packing and provide more room for other essential items.


Tip #2. Use a plastic bag

You can also pack your pillow in a plastic bag for a more compact space and protect dust and dirt.

A plastic bag is one of the most common ways of packing a pillow, especially when moving to another house and place.

Prepare big plastics bags, specifically clean garbage bags that are durable enough to hold the pillows.

Make sure the plastic is completely dry, shrink the excess air inside, and once you are done, close and seal it with packaging tape.

You were keeping your pillows in a plastic bag to keep them from moisture and dirt.


Tip #3. Roll it

Rolling your pillow can also shrink its volume, and as a matter of fact, rolling could save a lot of suitcase and luggage space.

By rolling it, you can stack it up, or you can use it as a protection to your devices or cosmetic set for any impact.

Furthermore, you can add another pillow to your pillow suitcase if you roll it better to minimize its volume.


Tip #4. Packing the pillow in a moving box

This type of packaging is one of the common ways to pack all of your pillows if you are moving to a new home. 

By using large cardboard boxes, you can stack up all your pillows also with your blankets.

Put some sheets of clean paper enough to cover the bottom part of the cardboard box.

Again, make sure that it is dry to avoid moisture because even the slightest damp of bedding could make it worst when packed as it is.

Place a pillow after you put the paper; after that, put another pillow on top of it.

Compress it as much as possible to let the air out of the two soft pillows. If there is enough space, you can add another pillow or blanket.


Tip #5. Pack the pillows with some breakable things

And for extra safety and protection, you can also use pillows in some fragile things such as flower vases and figurines.

Due to its softness, it can minimize the impact that could make extra padding for things.

Just cover those fragile things with paper and insert them in between the pillows and blankets.


Tip #6. Use a packing cube

It is mostly advisable to use a packing cube for separating things in your suitcase and for less necessary clutter.

Packing cubes have a zipper and wide zipper that opens a wide opening, which is very useful to insert big and bulky things such as pillows easily.

Also, packing cubes is the easiest way to insert in your suitcase, and aside from that, it has a handle just to grab it whenever you want. 

But if you are buying one, you have to make sure that you will choose a durable packing cube because not all packing cubes are created equal.


For Final Words

Pillows are bulky items that may seem too hard to pack in a suitcase. 

Nonetheless, pillows are essential, especially when you are going on a road trip or long vacation with family and friends or just simply if you are moving from your old house to a new one.

I hope that this article helps you with how to pack a pillow in a suitcase and keep it in your mind to choose what is the best for you.