How to open Uppababy vista stroller: Quick, Easy Folding Tips

In this guide, you will learn How to open Uppababy vista stroller. The steps are easy and simple.


Steps on How to open Uppababy vista stroller

Step 1. Open the stroller by pressing down on an unlocked U bar.

Step 2. Pull up to open both sides of the stroller at once.

Step 3. Unfold by pulling outwards on each side until you hear a click then push downwards lightly on each leg rest until they are fully extended.


How do you put a Baby in a Doona car Seat?

You insert the baby in a Doona car seat by opening up the back of the seat and putting them inside. You then close it with straps that are on either side to ensure they’re secured tightly to keep them from moving around during your trip.


What is the Main Benefit of Using an Infant Carrier?

The main benefit of using an infant carrier is that it provides a safe and comfortable way for you to carry your baby. They’re easy to strap on, don’t weigh much, are durable, and can be used in many different ways–such as being carried on the front or back.


How the Doona car Seat Work

You insert the baby in a Doona car seat by opening up the back of the seat and putting them inside. You then close it with straps that are on either side to ensure they’re secured tightly to keep them from moving around during your trip.


Steps on How to Fold Doona Stroller

  • First, take the handles off from both sides of the stroller.
  • Next, undo the velcro and remove fabric storage bag with a seat inside
  • Unfold the frame at each hinge point so it is standing up on its own hinges and then bend one end down to make a 90-degree angle
  • Bend the second side in opposite direction (180 degrees) until it locks into place
  • Repeat for another side of the Doona Stroller. The frame should now be folded diagonally with the front-facing outwards.


What is the Difference Between Doona and Doona Plus?


The Doona is the original, award-winning design. It features a one-second flat fold and an innovative carry handle that turns into an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation from A to B. The new version of Doona also comes with an attachable fabric storage bag

-Doona Plus (newer)

This model has a built-in rain cover and offers more legroom when reclined or fully outstretched than its predecessor. Other upgrades include additional lumbar support, stronger wheels and bigger brakes all while maintaining the same compact size as the original model.

Weighing only 13 pounds it’s lighter too! Unlike many other travel systems on the market, this stroller can also be used from birth onwards.


How to Open Doona Stroller

Remove the shoulder strap. Hold on to the rear wheels and pull them back so they are in line with each other again. This will create a gap that you can now slip your fingers into, lifting at all four corners of the stroller frame.


How to Wash Doona Stroller

Doona strollers are made from a light and durable material called Polypropylene. It’s not waterproof so if you get it dirty, just wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth or sponge then let it dry before putting it away again.


What to do when Doona Stroller is Too Heavy

If your child’s weight exceeds 23kg (50lbs) either remove some of the seats/carriers or replace them with lighter ones as they may be too heavy for one side to load.

You can also pick up an extra set of wheels which will help balance uneven loads between the two sides of the buggy frame. This does increase how much space this product takes up but makes life easier! Alternatively, if your child is only a little heavy, you can purchase an additional set of lighter weight wheels for the other side.


What to do when Doona Stroller Won’t Open

If one or both sides are stuck and won’t open, there might be dirt on the hinges which need cleaning off before opening again. I find that rubbing this area with warm water and soap will help remove any stubborn clumps of sticky goo from my fingers!

If wiping over them doesn’t work then use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol/eucalyptus oil – just make sure it isn’t punctured first! It’s also possible that the rubber band holding down the button has snapped so check all around where it connects to the metal poles.


What happens when Doona Stroller is Folded

If your folded stroller doesn’t open, check for any dirt or hairs that might have collected on the hinges at some point and if it is not opening then you will need a small screwdriver to release them from where they are stuck – just make sure you don’t poke holes in anything!

If this fails then use warm water with soap again as before but also try rubbing alcohol/eucalyptus oil into the hinge too which can really help loosen things up. You may want to take a photo of how everything should be positioned once done so if something gets switched around you’ll know how to fix it next time.


How do you use a Doona without the base?

The Doona is a very versatile stroller. You can use it without the base, but you will need to make sure you have something relatively flat to stand on for it does not to topple over while standing up (for example curb or raised sidewalk).

This comes down to how tall your baby is and how much they weigh as well. For example- if your child weighs 20 pounds this may work better than say if they weighed 30 pounds.

The seat also reclines more deeply with this style of folding which makes them easier for napping infants who are tired from all that walking! If babies fall asleep during travel, parents just put their back into an upright position when it’s time to get out and walk around again!

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