How To Open Drain Valve On Rheem Water Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to open drain valve on Rheem water heater? This article will show you how in just a few easy steps. It isn’t as complicated as it might sound or as laborious.

Electric water heaters are one of the most convenient options for a water heater. The other option is a gas water heater, which says on the name that it requires gas to run. It will make it more expensive but more dependent because you can store your fuel. Electric water heaters are dependent on your electricity supply.

how to open drain valve on Rheem water heater

When your electricity gets cut off, so does your warm bath. But then again, we all think about whether this appliance suits our means of living. That includes our financial standing, knowledge about appliance maintenance, and home location. If something doesn’t check out, don’t worry about it because there are other options for you and your family to have that excellent supply of warm water. Without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Open Drain Valve On Rheem Water Heater

So you’d like to know how to open drain valve on Rheem water heater? It’s essential to follow these steps carefully and in order. Doing so will prevent unwanted accidents or inflict damage that could have otherwise been avoided. Yikes! That would mean extra expenses which no one likes. This is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of patience. When done carefully and thoroughly, you won’t have a problem with this. Here are the steps:


Step #1. Cut off the unit

Of course, first thing’s first, you will need to disconnect the unit from its gas and electric supply. Some people might be tempted only to disconnect the electric supply because it is the one that could cause a fatal accident, but disconnecting the gas supply is just as important. If there so happened to be gas leaking while draining the valve, this could be inhaled by the people in the room and cause health complications. It could even spark and cause property damage or hurt someone. All supplies that connect to the unit must be cut off. The location for these valves is usually at the lower front.


Step #2. Tank should be drained

Now that you’ve turned off the water and gas supply make sure it is closed tight and has no leaks. There will still be water left inside your tank, which you now have to drain. One way to do this is to use a garden hose. Put it right on the tank’s drain valve, usually located around the lower right part. Ensure the area where the water is draining has been cleared from children, appliances, pets, and other essential things. Turn the valve handle counterclockwise for the water to come out from the tank through the hose. Turn on the hot water first on any nearby faucet, which helps clean out the pipes better.


Step #3. Fill with water

After the hot water, you can then turn on the cold water supply as this will get the leftover debris left in the tank. Keep the cold water running until it turns clear and you think it’s good to go. The next step is to fill up the tank with water again. You will have to turn the drain valve clockwise and close it tightly. Once you have done that, it is now safe to let the tank fill with water. It is best not to leave it unattended because once you see water flow freely through the faucet that you left open earlier, you can turn off the tap and know that the flow is no problem now. You can now remove the garden hose and turn on the gas and electricity supply.


Why Should I Buy A Water Heater?

Like all household appliances, there are pros and cons to owning them. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you need to pick out the necessary ones for your home carefully. Water heaters, for example, are most common amongst the average to upper-class families as they can be too costly for the ones who aren’t as financially stable. Their energy consumption can be an additional cost in the electricity bill, and there are other alternatives to achieving a warm bath if that is the case.

However, an electric water heater could be an affordable option if you think long-term. The initial cost for a water heater will be the heaviest, but that depends on the type of heater, the size, and the fuel used. Electrical water heaters are the most convenient because they do not need a lot of additives to function. You only need a good electrician to help you set up the wires so you will be safe when using the water heater. You may also be interested to know about reason why a water heater is essential.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to open drain valve on Rheem water heater, we are delighted to be able to help yet another person in need. Please remember always to practice safety and be aware of the surroundings where you are working on your appliances. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to drain and flush a gas water heater and what causes a hot water heater relief valve to leak. Thank you so much for reading this article!

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