How To Open A Whirlpool Washer? 5 Easy Steps To Do!

It is not difficult on how to open a whirlpool washer, but only it depends on the model. It takes a few minutes to add clothes while it is on the “Add Garment” light or cancel the cycle. For the top-loading washer, you have to take the process on pause.

The whirlpool front-loading washer comes with an automatic and door locking mechanism. And this mechanism opens when the wash cycle has to end. The entry is likely to unlock automatically if the washer is malfunctioning.

how to open a Whirlpool washer

It could be suitable to reset the washer with a mere click of the buttons. However, if it does not solve the problem, grab some screwdrivers and perform manual unlock to the Whirlpool washer.


Steps To Open A Whirlpool Washer

Here are the steps on how to open a Whirlpool washer.


Step #1. Wait for three minutes for every cycle before you unlock the washer

See if the speed of the motor is equal to zero & one-hundred eight seconds. That’s only the time that the washer door opens. The motor control unit for sure has received your command to stop it. Drain the washer before the door latch unlock if the washer water reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That is also if the water level is higher than the Delicate, Wool, & Hand Wash.


Step #2. Hold the control luck button down on the Whirlpool washer

Just let it there for 3 seconds in the last part of the washing cycle. Just listen, and with the unlatching sound, wait for the door to open.


Step #3. If you follow step 1

It still does not open; press & holds the button of the “end of cycle” for 5 seconds. Manually reset the washer.


Step #4. Unplug the Whirlpool washer

Unplug it for forty-five minutes. Afterward, plug the washer again. Finally, reset the programming and open the door. You may also be interested to read what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer.


Step #5. Unlock the Whirlpool washer and unplug it before you complete the manual unlock

Remove its metal strip using a screwdriver which is also a toe panel under the washer. When done with it, reach through the front panel interior. First, get a feel of the door latch. Next, look through the tab tear-drop shaped under the door latch. Then, pull it, and when a click comes up, it should open.


Steps On How To Manually Open A Whirlpool Washer

Maybe your washer experiences problems electrically or mechanically that it fails to open automatically. Here is one more trick that will help you. First, unplug the washer from the outlet board. Then, wait for about three to five minutes.

Next, grab a screwdriver and remove the bottom panel of the washer. Pull it away.

After that, go to the open panel and reach the door lock. And search for the door latch below the locking mechanism and pull it down gently. You will then hear a sound that clicks, which means it is ready to open. You may also be interested to know where to buy lid switch for a Whirpool washer


FAQ’s When You Open Whirlpool Washer

Here are more other questions answered in opening the Whirlpool washer.


Why is the whirlpool door not opening?

The water inside the machine causes the whirlpool door not to open. Please turn it off at the mains to allow the lock of the door to cool down. Then, it will open after several minutes. Also, try to run a drain or spin cycle. Drain the washer if this still fails. Place the washer drain hose at a lower part and not in the drum. You may also be interested to read the Whirlpool Smart Cabrio WTW8700EC washer review.


Why is the washer locked?

The lid or door that does not open at the last part of the cycle is because of a faulty lock mechanism. It mainly features a manual release unlocking the mechanism and enabling you to open the lid or door.

It is easy to access the release under the door lock or on other models, and from the soap dispenser housing.

How to open a front load washer?

Wait for about five minutes after you click the start or wash button. And then, click the start or pause button so that the washer door unlocks. Open its door after it is unlocked completely. Then, remove or add extra clothing.


How to reset the washer?

Unplug the washer from its power outlet to do a master reset. Leave it, then unplug for a minute. Once done, plug the cord into the wall. Open and then close the washer door six times in just twelve seconds. This way, it will send the reset signal to all components. It may also be a good idea to know how to remove control panel from the Whirpool duet sport


How to turn off the control lock?

Press and then hold the key for Options to turn off the control lock. It says the control lock holds for three seconds. Press and then hold the control lock for three seconds if the dishwasher has a control lock button.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to open a Whirlpool washer with the following steps mentioned. There is no need to spend for a technician’s help if the washer is not opening. Unlock the Whirlpool washer door manually every time and after the cycle completes. Better yet, replace them if the washer is still experiencing locking problems. Be guided as well by the following FAQs to help you throughout. 

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