How To Open A Sofa Bed In 2 Easy Steps

If you don’t know how to open a sofa bed, we will teach you two steps. This tutorial applies to most sofa beds, but we also included a step-by-step guide if you’re using a more modern model. Nonetheless, both types of sofa beds are straightforward to use, so you can get ready for sleeping in no time. 

Do you want to know how to make a sofa bed more comfortable? We have also written a helpful guide that you can check out. So without further ado, let’s get your sofa bed assembled. 

How To Open A Sofa Bed

How To Open A Sofa Bed With A Traditional Design


Step 1. Remove the cushions on the sofa and pull out the mattress

Remove all the cushions on the sofa, both at the base and back. A traditional sofa bed will have a bar at the front that you can use to pull the mattress out. Lift the bar until the bed slides out and set the base down. 


Step 2. Set the bed up

Unfold and pull the bed out to set it in place. Open the mattress according to your model’s design, where some might have a lever or fabric straps that you must work out first to unfold the bed. Lock the bed in place, and then add your bedding and pillows to finish. 


How To Open A Modern Sofa Bed


Step 1. Find the lever to unlock the bed

Locate the lever under the sofa bed or at the top of the back to unlock the bed. For some sofa beds, you only need to push a button to unfold the bed. Wait for the bed to lock in place after pressing the button or holding the lever down. 


Step 2. Set the bed

Lower the base so that the bed lays flat on the ground. Place your box cushions back to set up the bed. Add your pillows and bedding, and the bed is ready. 


How To Close A Sofa Bed

  1. Remove your pillows and bedding from the bed and lift its end to help you fold it onto the middle
  2. Remove the bed legs off the ground by raising them and push the bed toward the bottom of the sofa
  3. The bed should slide smoothly into the back of the couch, and you can return the couch cushions

Is A Sofa Bed A Pull-Out Couch?

It can be unclear to find the difference between a sofa bed and a pull-out couch. However, you can quickly remember a pull-out couch as a sofa sleeper. A pull-out couch is a couch with a mattress hidden in the frame that you can pull out or unfold from the name itself. 

In contrast, a sofa bed is a sofa that you can unfold or flatten to mimic a bed. Sofa beds don’t use a mattress and instead have a similar design to futons. Nonetheless, you can always check the instructions of your sofa bed or sofa sleeper to know how to use it properly. 


Which should you choose? Sofa bed vs pull out couch

A sofa bed is excellent for those with limited space and are not going to share the bed. You can also use the sofa bed as an extra sleeping space for guests. But what about a pull-out couch?

A pull-out couch is slightly bigger than a sofa bed. It’s the better choice for couples who want to share the bed. Some sofa sleepers also come in different styles, such as loveseats. However, allocate an area that is at least big enough for a queen-size bed. 

Speaking of a queen-size bed, you might like a split queen mattress. The name itself has a split in the middle because it’s a queen-sized bed composed of two mattresses. Check out this bed type if you want versatility in space because you can treat each mattress individually.  


How Do You Open A Click Clack Sofa Bed?

A click-clack sofa bed uses the so-called click-clack mechanism. Compared to a sofa bed with a pull-out bed, a click clack sofa bed is a sofa that doubles as a bed. The couch itself becomes the bed, and there are no other components. 


  1. Fold the mattress forward and wait for the clicking sound to indicate that it locked in place
  2. Fold the bed backward to get it to lay flat, and you’re done


The main advantage of a click-clack mattress is you can wait for the clicking and clacking sound to let you know that it’s locked to the conformation. More so, click clack sofa beds are smaller and lightweight, making them excellent for apartment dwellers. And if you’re on a budget, they also come at a friendly price range. 



Converting your sofa bed into a bed for sleeping is effortless. To recap this tutorial on how to open a sofa bed, you only need to remove the cushions and set the bed by lifting the bar that will release it. However, you should still check the instructions of the specific sofa bed you have because some have buttons. 

We hope this article has also helped you distinguish a sofa bed from a sofa sleeper. Otherwise, don’t be confused if some furniture stores treat them interchangeably. Just remember that a sofa sleeper has a mattress that you can pull out while sofa beds are essentially beds that become the sofa.